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Chin Implant Recovery

When people in the Orange County region look to improve their facial features, they often don’t consider their chin as a prominent part of their face. However, the chin actually defines a person’s appearance in many ways.

The chin augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is gaining popularity throughout Newport Beach and the surrounding region, but it is important for people to understand the magnitude of the chin implant recovery. While this surgery is cosmetic in nature, it is still a major surgical procedure and will involve a short recovery process after the fact.
How Can I Make My as Easy and Successful as Possible?
Understand that you will feel slightly sore immediately following the operation. Your facial plastic surgeon will provide you with individual instructions for the post-operative period that you should follow explicitly. Most surgeons will prescribe several pain medications as well as oral rinses and ointments. There is some bruising and swelling associated with this surgery, but it generally subsides within several days. The chin augmentation is known for having a quick and relatively pain-free recovery process.

In some cases, the incision for this particular surgery is made inside the patient’s mouth. The patient should take extra care while brushing their teeth and work with their surgeon in order to determine the best way to perform this task. In addition, most patients should adhere to a liquid diet or soft food diet for about a week after the surgery in order to avoid damaging the inside of the mouth or the incision.

Patients should spend the first 24-48 hours after the surgery resting with their head elevated. This will help the swelling to subside as quickly as possible, and will also help when it comes to pain management. Cold compresses and ice packs can be applied to the surgical site at this time in order to help relieve pain and reduce swelling and inflammation.

It’s important to use gauze rolls in order to keep the area clean and prevent infection. There may be some bleeding after the surgery near the incision site. At the same time, patients should take their temperature on a regular basis. If the patient develops a fever at any point, they should contact their surgeon immediately. This can be a sign of infection, and infections need to be treated as quickly as possible with antibiotics.
The chin implant recovery typically lasts for 7-10 days, and at that time most patients are able to return to work. Most residual swelling and bruising will subside in the next few weeks, allowing people to completely enjoy the results of their chin augmentation.

Once the results of the surgery have been revealed, most patients find that they feel confident about their appearance and they love the new look for their face. Patients who are interested in making their chin more or less prominent should consider working with an expert cosmetic surgeon who has significant experience performing this particular cosmetic surgery procedure.



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