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What Can A Chemical Peel Do For You?

There are many cosmetic surgery procedures available that can help rejuvenate the face and restore a person’s youthful appearance. However, not everyone in Orange County is ready to commit to a major operation in order to achieve these results. The chemical peel is a non-surgical cosmetic improvement procedure that is available for Newport Beach residents. During this procedure, a chemical solution is used that causes the damaged skin to blister and peel away. The new skin that is regenerated is smooth and fresh, providing patients with stunning results.

What Can the Chemical Peel Do For You?

It can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the most sensitive portions of the face, including the area surrounding the eyes and the mouth. In many cases, people will find that age and stress causes these wrinkles to form. Given the sensitive nature of these portions of the face, it can be difficult to eliminate these fine lines and wrinkles through other more common facial plastic surgery procedures.

It can eliminate wrinkles that formed as a result of aging or sun damage. It is able to provide patients with this results because the procedure literally removes the damaged skin from the face, allowing new, undamaged skin to regenerate.

It can serve as a solution to certain types of acne issues. It is important to talk with the surgeon about the acne that you experience in order to find out if this is the right treatment option.

It will eliminate dark spots, age spots and other blemishes on the face. Dark spots and age spots can be a distracting feature, and this is one of the only ways to achieve long-term results when it comes to removing them.

It can help reduce scarring on the face. The chemical peel is most effective at minimizing the appearance of mild to moderate scars. Severe scars may require further treatment.

It makes the face appear fresh and rejuvenate. The skin both looks and feels better after the chemical peel process is complete.

It’s important to discuss the chemical peel with an expert facial plastic surgeon before you decide to invest in this procedure. The best candidates for the chemical peel have lighter skin, however, this procedure can be performed on people who have darker skin tones. There is just an increased risk of uneven skin tone after the procedure. Patients who have this procedure performed should protect their skin from the sun for several weeks afterwards, as the new skin is more vulnerable to sun damage. For more information on the chemical peel, set up a free cosmetic consultation with a qualified surgeon today.



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