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Buttocks Augmentation

While the facelift and rhinoplasty procedures are mainstays on the list of most popular plastic surgery procedure, the buttocks augmentation procedure is on the rise. Many people have found that this procedure allows them to correct a disproportionate derriere, and feel better about themselves in the process. Dr. Kevin Sadati recommends this procedure to Orange County patients who are looking to adjust their proportions after a previous cosmetic surgery or after significant weight loss. Patients who are interested in the buttocks augmentation can set up a free consultation with Dr. Kevin Sadati at his Newport Beach office.

Facts About the Buttocks Augmentation

Dr.  Kevin Sadati uses a state-of-the-art fat grafting technique in order to get patients the best results possible.

This is a technique that Dr.  Kevin Sadati pioneered, so he is truly an expert in applying it to this particular surgery. Fat grafting is the process by which unwanted fat is removed from another area of the body, and it is then grafted to the buttocks in order to form the contours and shape that the patient is looking for after the operation. These fat layers help to enhance the overall look and shape of the buttocks, making it more proportionate to the rest of the patient’s body.

General anesthesia is used for the buttocks augmentation. The average patient will find that the operation lasts about an hour. However, each patient has different factors both natural and environmental that will contribute to the exact length of time for the surgery. Dr. Kevin Sadati will provide each patient with an individual estimate before beginning the operation.

The recovery process for this surgery takes less than a week. Most patients will find there is minor swelling and bruising after the surgery, and there is mild pain during the recovery period. Dr. Kevin Sadati prescribes pain relievers to patients so that they can manage their pain levels after the surgery. Most people will be able to return to their normal routines and daily obligations within a week. Patients can continue a light exercise program a few days after the surgery has been performed.

Perhaps a patient has just undergone a significant weight loss program and feels their new body needs a new shape. On the other hand, a patient may have just had a breast augmentation performed and wants her buttocks to look proportional and enhance her curves. There are many reasons that people choose to have this procedure done, but it’s important to work with a highly-skilled and qualified cosmetic surgeon. This will ensure that the patient gets the best results results that enhance their natural appearance. For more information on the buttocks augmentation, set up a free consultation today.



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