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Bullying and Plastic Surgery

Bullying and Plastic SurgeryIn today’s world, bullying is an increasingly prevalent problem that can have dire consequences. Between a rise in social media and an increasing pressure to look a certain way in order to fit in, bullying can lead children to want to change everything about themselves including their appearance. Each year, more and more parents come to Dr. Kevin Sadati to discuss the possibility of their children undergoing plastic surgery. Orange County parents recognize that bullying can be an issue, and they don’t want it to have a negative impact on their children’s self-esteem or body image. Sometimes, plastic surgery is the right answer.

In these situations, Dr. Sadati most often performs either a rhinoplasty procedure or an otoplasty procedure on his young patients. A rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that provides aesthetic improvements for the nose while an otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery performed on the ears. During an otoplasty,  the surgeon will tuck the ears back, so they do not stick out from the child’s head. The rhinoplasty can be performed during a young person’s teenage years, as long as their nose has finished developing and is fully mature. An otoplasty can be performed on a patient as young as five years old.

For many young people who are born with deformities on their nose, the bullying starts immediately and seems to be endless.A large nose or a nose with a bump on the nasal bridge is an easy target and can bring down a teen’s self image and self esteem.
This can ultimately impact their schoolwork as well as their social lives, easily ruining what should be the best time in a young person’s life. A cosmetic surgery procedure is nothing to take lightly, but parents have found that sometimes a rhinoplasty can cause an end to the torment and provide a much-needed boost of self-confidence for their teenaged child.

At the same time, children who have ears that are too prominent are often the victims of bullies. When classmates and friends find that there is something different about the child that makes them stand out, they often try to bring that child down because of their appearance. A child who feels different and isolated will become withdrawn, and the consequences can be felt for the rest of their life. An otoplasty is a surgery that parents can consider, and it can be performed at a young age and hopefully prevent more intense bullying in the later school years.

Dr. Sadati sees several patients each year who are looking to have surgery done because they have been bullied at school or in their neighborhood. It’s important for parents who are concerned and considering surgery to work with an expert facial plastic surgeon who understands this difficult experience that children today are going through. An expert surgeon, such as Dr. Sadati, will help you decide if cosmetic surgery is necessary and potentially beneficial for the young person. Any concerned parent is welcome to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Sadati at his Newport Beach practice.



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