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Breast Implant Size Guide 2023

Just like for shoes and clothes, when it comes to choosing which breast implant size is right for you there is no “one size fits all”. There are many considerations to make when you are choosing your breast implant size including shape, volume, profile, material, and what would best suit your aesthetic desires. Dr. Kevin Sadati and Dr. Whitney Florin at Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Lounge in Newport Beach, CA, understand how personal this decision is and are here to offer their expert guidance.


What Breast Implant Size is the Most Common?

The most common breast implant size just means what size is implanted in the highest quantities. What is most common for your body type and desires will differ from person to person. Unlike bra sizes that are measured in cups, a breast implant is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). When a plastic surgeon refers to implant sizes, they will refer to them in CCs rather than cups.

The most common implant size for a breast augmentation ranges from 300cc to 500cc, with the single most popular being 400cc. Depending on the size of your chest to begin with, any implant within the 300cc range is usually enough to give a woman a fuller shape without significantly altering her appearance.

What is the Smallest Breast Implant Size?

The smallest breast implant size available is 80cc, but they usually start around 125cc. Someone may choose to get a smaller implant size as an enhancement to their already augmented breasts or to improve the shape of their breasts without adding volume. Smaller implants also reduce the risk of neck or back pain.

Smaller breast implants offer a more natural looking enhancement option. It is also common for someone to choose a smaller implant size for practical reasons such as making exercise easier or so they can still find bras and clothes that fit properly.

What is the Largest Breast Implant Size?

The largest breast implant size is considered to be an enhancement of 800cc or more. The number one largest size will differ from patient to patient and what their aesthetic desires are. The FDA approves silicone gel or saline implants up to 800cc. Saline is more popular as it can be inserted and filled to a desired size later.

How do You Compare Implant Sizes?

Because implant sizes are not measured in cups like bra sizes are, it is important to understand how much your bra size will increase as your implant size increases. These conversions are not exact but are used as a general rule of thumb when it comes to determining what implant size is right for you.

It usually takes around 200cc to increase the breast by one cup size, but this also depends on what brand of bra you wear as each can be manufactured differently. In general, this is the amount of cc needed to increase cup size:

  • A cup to B cup: 250-300cc
  • A cup to C cup: 300-350cc
  • A cup to D cup: 370-430cc
  • B cup to C cup: 250-300cc
  • B cup to D cup: 350-400cc
  • B cup to DD cup: 400-450cc
  • C cup to D cup: 300-350cc
  • C cup to DD cup: 370-450cc
  • C cup to E cup: 450-550cc

Choosing the Right Implant Size for You

Now that you have a general idea of how your breast size might change with each cc of breast implant, you are ready to start thinking about which cc is right for you. There are other important considerations to make in addition to the cc of your breast implant to ensure that you are making a decision that is best for you:

Type of Implants Offered

Silicone and saline implants are among the most common and popular types of implants. Choosing which one is right for you means choosing which one will best fit your aesthetic desires. For a more natural looking and feeling breast with a teardrop shape, silicone gel implants are a great choice. If you want a bolder look with less visible scars, saline implants might be the perfect option for you.

Your Body Shape

During your consultation, your doctor will ask lots of questions based on what you’re looking to get out of your breast implants. Measurements will be taken of the body frame, weight, shoulder width, and current breast size. These are all taken into consideration when choosing the correct breast implant and size. This consultation will also help to choose an implant that suits your body type.

Consider Your Lifestyle

A breast augmentation is meant to enhance your body as well as your life. It should not get in the way of your daily activities or stop you from participating in something you enjoy. Sharing all your hobbies, activities, and workout routines with your doctor during your consultation will prevent them from suggesting a breast implant that may hinder these activities.

Why Do You Want Breast Implants?

Whether you are looking to achieve a bolder look or want to boost your confidence in a more personal way, there are numerous reasons why someone might choose to undergo breast augmentation. Considering why this procedure is important to you and why you would like to have it done is another important factor in determining what size or style of implant is right for you.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Cost factors significantly into choosing the right breast implant size. The average cost of breast augmentation surgery is $4,516 but can be as much as $9,000 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. A number of factors including, the type of implant and surgical fees will influence the overall cost of your procedure, thus influencing your overall eagerness to have it done.

Can I Change My Breast Size Later?

Whether you have had breast implants for a long time and are ready to downsize, or would like to increase their size, it is possible to change the size of your breasts after having a breast augmentation. It is important to know that changing their size is not as easy as swapping out the breast implant for a different size. Additional consultations with your doctor to discuss why you would like to change your implants, and your medical history between your initial procedure will be necessary in order to proceed.

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