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Benefits of a Neck lift for Men

The neck lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is designed to improve the appearance of the neck and the entire face. The goal of this procedure is to allow a person to look trimmer and younger. Previously, this was a cosmetic surgery that was most often performed on female patients. However, throughout Orange County, the male neck augmentation is becoming increasingly popular. Newport Beach men will find that there are many benefits to having this surgery performed by an expert facial plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Kevin Sadati.

What are the Benefits of a Neck Lift for Men?

The male neck lift increases the masculinity of a man’s face. It is designed to enhance his natural facial features while providing him with strong, definitive lines. During the neck lift procedure, the surgeon will remove excess skin from the neck that has gathered and formed wrinkles underneath the chin. In addition, the muscles in the neck will be tightened in order to provide long-lasting results.

After this procedure is complete, and the results have revealed themselves, men look at least 10 years younger than they did prior to the operation. The neck lift is a wonderful complement to the male facelift procedure. It allows the patient to enjoy comprehensive, rejuvenating results. It is ideal for male patients who are just beginning to show the typical signs of aging, and also for those patients who are experiencing more advanced symptoms of aging.

Male patients who choose to have this surgery often report that they feel more confident and self-assured after it is complete. The procedure is designed to improve the overall appearance of the face but also make the patient appear younger. Dr. Kevin Sadati focuses on providing natural-looking results, which allow a patient’s confidence to soar. With additional confidence and a more positive body image, men find that both their personal and professional lives benefit from the male neck lift cosmetic surgery.

It is essential that men who are considering this cosmetic surgery work with an expert cosmetic surgeon for their operation. Dr. Kevin Sadati is a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in this particular procedure, ensuring that all men get the masculine, natural-looking results that they are looking for. If you feel that the neck lift is the right cosmetic surgery for you, then set up a cosmetic consultation appointment with Dr. Kevin Sadati. During this appointment, the surgeon will complete a physical and mental evaluation in order to determine if you are a qualified candidate. To find out more information about the neck lift procedure and to set up your cosmetic consultation, contact Dr. Kevin Sadati’s office today.



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