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Baby Boomers are Keeping Cosmetic Surgeons Busy

Baby boomers are now 50 and 60 years old, but they sure dont act like the grandmas and grandpas of yesteryear, especially the playful bunch in Newport Beach. Life in Orange County is synonymous with youth, health and beauty, and people here work hard to lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet, fresh air, plenty of opportunities to exercise and excellent medical care keep Californians in excellent physical health. These baby boomers feel young, and they want to look that way, too.

Baby boomers are likely to live longer than their parents and grandparents because this generation benefits from an advanced understanding of diet, exercise and medicine. Most baby boomers want to continue their active lifestyles and participate in physical activities like bicycling, jogging, dancing and swimming well into their senior years, and they want to look better doing it. Seniors are now free to express their romantic side and a youthful appearance.

The only consequence of aging should be wisdom, not wrinkles and puffy eyes. Anti-aging procedures help baby boomers feel better about being older; it gives them the confidence they need to mix it up with the younger crowd, fitting right in with the fresh faces around them.

Dr. Kevin Sadati helps aging patients look younger and feel better about their appearance. He performs a wide variety of the most commonly requested anti-aging procedures, whether you want botox, a facelift, an eyelid lift, or a neck lift. Dr. Sadati also performs blepharoplasty  procedures to repair droopy eyelids, dermal filler to increase the volume of the skin to reduce wrinkles, and platysmal band plication that fixes the vertical bands that sometimes appears on an aging neck. He knows how to erase years from your face and slow down the aging process.

Plastic surgery was once reserved to enhance the beauty of Hollywood starlets or to fix a broken nose; it is now a mainstream approach to improving self-esteem and body image, especially among the baby boomer generation.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, or AACS, reports its members performed 44 percent more facelifts in 2009 than in 2008 while the number of blepharoplasty procedures rose 42 percent. In that same year, these surgeons saw an increase of 157 percent in botox requests and a 245 percent increase in dermal filler procedures.

The face of plastic surgery patients has changed, from young adults requesting nose jobs and breast implants to older patients hoping for a refreshed look. The average age of a facelift patient is 54 years while the typical blepharoplasty patient is 52 years old. Patients receiving botox or dermal fillers are 46 years old on average.



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