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African-American Facelift Procedure

Unlike the ethnic rhinoplasty procedure, the facelift is not dictated by a person’s heritage or background. However, Dr. Kevin Sadati recognizes that African-American patients throughout Orange County can benefit from specialized surgical plans that are designed to meet their specific needs. As a board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadati recognizes there are various African-American traits and features that need to be considered during the surgical process in order to provide Newport Beach patients with the best results.

Facts about the African-American Facelift

On average, African-American patients do not require a facelift until later in life. As their skin has darker pigmentation, it is not as susceptible to damage by the sun and UV rays. This means that wrinkles, lines and other facial aging symptoms do not occur until later in life. However, this can mean that some African-American patients are not healthy enough to have a facelift procedure, for the African-American population is at a higher risk for diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. All patients should have a health examination prior to their plastic surgery procedure to determine if they are healthy enough for surgery.

In years past, many African-American patients avoided cosmetic surgery completely because the risk of keloid was too great. Keloid is a dark scar tissue that is highly visible, and many African-American patients were at risk for developing deep, dark scars after their surgical procedures were complete. However, Dr. Sadati and other plastic surgeons have worked to develop techniques that minimize this risk. This means that African-American patients can have a cosmetic surgery procedure with a top plastic surgeon without worrying that they will have visible scars after the surgery is complete. Dr. Sadati uses well-crafted surgical techniques to ensure any type of cosmetic surgery is as discrete as possible, especially when it comes to performing the facelift procedure.

While the risk of keloid is all but diminished, African-American patients do need to work with an expert facial plastic surgeon in order to ensure that hyper-pigmentation is not an issue after their operation. Hyper-pigmentation is the process by which the skin produces more melanin than necessary in obvious scar areas. However, Dr. Sadati eliminates this concern by creating the incisions in hidden areas where no one will see the scars, such as behind the folds of the ears or up near the hairline. His goal is to provide every patient with natural-looking results.

For more than 10 years, Dr. Sadati has been working with patients of all different ethnicities and providing them with revolutionary cosmetic surgery results. He prides himself on his in-depth knowledge of the many different cultures and backgrounds, and their relation to the cosmetic surgery field. Not every cosmetic surgeon has the ability to take ethnicity into consideration while still providing amazing results that last for a decade or more. African-American patients throughout Orange County who are interested in looking at least 10 years younger should take the time to set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Sadati.



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