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3 Cosmetic Procedures to Have After Major Weight Loss

Everyone is losing weight these days. Its no secret that shedding a few extra pounds is a great way to be healthy and look great. However, a lot of people are going to extremes to lose an amazing amount of weight. Laparoscopic bands and stomach stapling are popular procedures for rapid weight loss. Some people lose fifty or a hundred pounds (or more!) at a clip. However, rapid weight loss does have its drawbacks.

As the pounds start to melt away, unsightly flaps of skin begin to appear. With the body losing fat, the skin cannot keep up with the loss and starts to sag. Plastic surgeons can offer a variety of options for patients who have recently experienced drastic weight loss. Here are three of the most popular:


Arm Lift

Also known as a Brachioplasty, the arm lift is designed to remove loose, wing flaps under the arm between the underarm and the elbow. It reshapes the arm to achieve a more toned, contoured look.

Thigh Lift

Smoothes sagging skin in the thigh and leg areas. This procedure gives the legs a shapely appearance.

Breast lift/Augmentation

After a major weight loss event, breasts can take on a drooping profile. A breast lift can reduce sagging while an augmentation will increase cup size. Many times a lift and augmentation are done together.

Because drastic weight loss affects the entire body and can leave sagging skin everywhere, many patients opt for a full body lift. A body-lift entails the plastic surgeon completing tightening procedures in all affected areas; arms, thighs, tummy, and even buttocks. Body contouring after major weight loss reshapes and tones the entire body back to its natural symmetry. Flaps of skin are removed and the resulting skin is smoothed to match underlying musculature.

While weight loss is a good thing, rapid weight loss can lead to unsightly sags and flaps of skin in patients that lack skin elasticity. Fortunately, for suddenly skinny patients there are cosmetic options available to help them look as good as they feel!



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