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“Natural Lift” Lower Face & Neck lift with C02 Laser Resurfacing – Dr Kevin Sadati in Newport Beach

Video Transcript

My name is Jennifer and I’m 46 years old and I’m having a lower face and neck lift. About three years ago I lost 100 pounds and I’ve got extra loose skin here now I feel like I look much older than I am so I’m excited about you know actually feeling good when I look in the mirror and seeing that you know that this is me at 46. I chose Dr. Sadati because his primary focus is on faces and I like his approach to the natural facelift that he does so that doesn’t show any pulling and I’ve seen his gallery compared to other doctors and it definitely looks more natural the day of the procedure they really you know gave me everything that I needed to be prepared so I wasn’t overly nervous and I recall just
coming in and discussing the procedure again what was going to happen taking the medication that I needed for the twilight sedation and then the next thing I woke up in the operating room and I was ready to go and yeah it was really easy i’m really happy with the results I’m 46 and I finally feel like I look 46 or I look like I’m in my 40s whereas before my surgery I really felt like what I was looking at every day did not reflect what I felt on the inside so I really do feel like this was a really good move for me to do this and just to feel better about myself recovery has been good it was you know relatively simple as far as the wound care and all of that the pain was very minimal I think I took maybe two of the pain pills that I was given the follow-up was good I think I was here the next day and then I had a one week or two week follow-up and then I’ve come you know every month just to follow up and see how things are going and progressing and everything has been really good I really have gained more
confidence because like

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