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Dr. Ali Tehrani, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic aspirations post-pregnancy. With extensive experience working with numerous women seeking to reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies or enhance their physique to align with their inner selves, Dr. Tehrani approaches each case with empathy and understanding. He attentively listens to your desires and collaborates with you to achieve your desired outcomes.

For numerous women, motherhood brings about stretch marks, loss of breast volume, and unwanted weight gain. The mommy makeover is a comprehensive surgical approach designed to address the physical alterations that occur post-pregnancy and breastfeeding. By combining various body, breast, and facial procedures, a mommy makeover aims to restore the feminine silhouette and improve self-confidence. This transformative procedure can help you regain the figure that embodies your sense of femininity, enhancing your overall sense of well-being.

A mommy makeover surgery combines various popular cosmetic procedures to deliver striking results. Typically, this involves breast enhancement coupled with a tummy tuck, with the option of incorporating liposuction to target stubborn fat deposits in specific areas. These procedures can be performed together in a single session or staged based on individual needs. Research has indicated that combining tummy tucks and breast augmentation does not increase complication rates.


The practitioners at the Aesthetic Lounge have the lightest touch and are masters at their work. I trust them to make me look and feel beautiful as I do my best to age gracefully. I love the Aesthetic Lounge team!

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The professionalism, knowledge and expertise of the staff is incredible. Their work always leaves my skin looking and feeling refreshed and revitalized! The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Lounge is my go-to for anything skincare related!

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The office has a warm and friendly atmosphere. The staff is knowledgeable and comforting. I never feel pressured to do more treatments. I trust the staff and their judgment on getting the youthful appearance I’m going for.

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Your Personal Consultation with Dr. Tehrani

During this private meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to share your goals and get answers to any queries you may have. Dr. Tehrani will inquire about your health and medical background and assess the areas you wish to address with potential treatments, determining your suitability for a mommy makeover.
If a mommy makeover isn’t the best option for you, Dr. Tehrani will discuss alternative procedures. However, if it’s deemed appropriate, he will collaborate with you to devise a personalized treatment plan tailored to your chosen procedures.

Am I an Ideal Candidate?

The ideal candidates for a mommy makeover are women in good health who do not smoke. They are dissatisfied with the changes their bodies have undergone after childbirth and seek a comprehensive solution. These individuals have maintained stable weight and are committed to sustaining a healthy lifestyle post-mommy makeover to uphold the longevity of their results. They approach the procedure with realistic expectations and are hopeful about the potential for transformation. It’s recommended for candidates to have a healthy BMI, typically under 32.

Healthy Recovery

Following a mommy makeover, it’s common to experience tenderness and swelling at the treatment sites. As the swelling diminishes over time, your final results will gradually emerge. Dr. Tehrani will furnish you with detailed aftercare guidelines post-surgery. Depending on the procedures performed, you may need to wear specialized support and compression garments to reduce swelling and facilitate optimal healing. Typically, patients can resume normal activities, including work, within two weeks, although strenuous activities should be postponed for several weeks.

Profound Results

The ultimate outcome of a mommy makeover is contingent upon the specific surgeries and treatments you opt for. Numerous patients attest to feeling enhanced confidence and comfort following the procedure, experiencing a comprehensive transformation of their bodies and a boost in self-esteem. Dr. Tehrani’s meticulous attention to detail and exceptional expertise can assist you in achieving your aesthetic aspirations. Prior to your consultation with Dr. Tehrani, explore the overall experiences of his patients and their satisfaction with the final results.


Is a breast lift covered by insurance?

Cosmetic surgery that is not deemed medically necessary is not covered by insurance. In the vast majority of cases, this applies to breast lifts.

Do I need a breast lift or just implants?

Breast lifts are good at getting a more youthful or perky appearance to the breasts, whereas implants enhance their volume. If your concerns include wanting a bigger size and having them higher on the chest, you would be a candidate for both procedures.

Do you lose sensation with breast lift?

No, although some loss of sensation is possible, this side effect is almost always temporary.

Do you still have feeling in your nipples after breast lift?

Yes, nipple sensitivity may temporarily be reduced or not present, but as the tissues heal sensation normally returns.

Does a breast lift cost more than implants?

Although the two procedures achieve different results, they tend to be comparably priced.

Does a breast lift leave scars?

Yes, a breast lift procedure will leave a scar. However, scars tend to heal very well over time. Scars can be hidden in discreet locations for the most natural-looking appearance following the procedure.

Does a breast lift make your nipples less sensitive?

It is common to have decreased sensitivity (numbness) to the breasts and nipples temporarily after surgery. It is not common to have permanent numbness. If this is a concern, make sure to talk with your surgeon about your preferences.

Does insurance pay for breast lift?

A breast lift is not typically covered by insurance since it is considered a cosmetic procedure. We encourage each patient to check with their provider for specific coverage prior to their consultation.

How do you shower after a breast lift?

Yes, you can shower after a breast lift. You cannot soak in water or take a bath for about 6-8 weeks after surgery but you are able to shower starting the day after surgery.

How long do breast lift results last?

Plastic surgery cant halt the aging process in its tracks, but it can provide rejuvenation that makes your breasts appear youthful for many years.

How long does a breast lift last?

A breast lift can last for many years, but it cant stop the process of aging. Make sure to maintain your results by avoiding weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and going braless.

How long does a breast lift take?

Most breast lift surgeries take between three and four hours.

How long does it take for breast lift scars to heal?

The incision sites are typically healed within 2-3 months following a breast lift, although the scars will continue to heal for years following the procedure. Most of the healing of the scars occurs in the first year yet scars will continue to lighten and be less visible for years after the procedure.

How painful is a breast lift?

You can expect some discomfort after your breast lift within the first few days, but it can be well managed with prescribed medications. Most pain subsides within a week or so.

How soon after breast lift can I exercise?

You should return to light exercise such as walking within a few days of surgery, but wait until your surgeon indicates otherwise to return to your normal exercise routine. Typically at 6 weeks, you are cleared to engage in any form of exercise.

Is getting a breast lift safe?

Yes, a breast lift is typically a safe surgery that carries the potential risks or complications that come with any surgery. Your surgeon will review these potential risks with you during your consultation.

What is a crescent breast lift?

A crescent breast lift is a type of breast lift that uses a very small incision in a crescent shape around the areola. It allows for minimal correction of sagging and can be used to correct any asymmetry in nipple height.

What types of breast lifts are there?

There are many types of breast lift, including the crescent incision, donut incision, the lollipop incision, and the anchor incision. Depending on the amount of loose skin that you have, your surgeon will recommend the type of lift that will be best for you and your goals.

Will a breast lift reduce cup size?

A breast lift does not typically change the size of the breasts, but rather the position and shape of your breast tissue. If you want to increase or decrease the size of your breasts, you can pair your breast lift with breast augmentation (with implants or fat grafting) or breast reduction respectively.

Will a breast lift remove stretch marks?

If your breasts have stretch marks in the area of skin to be removed during breast lift surgery, then your procedure will remove stretch marks. Your surgeon will give you the best idea of what to expect.

Will breast lift affect breastfeeding?

A breast lift may affect breastfeeding but this is not a common issue. If you plan to breastfeed in the future, make sure to discuss your options with your surgeon.


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