Dr. Sadati & Kohan Group Webinar

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sadati, and Masters of Architecture, Kohan Group, discuss the design of Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Lounge Luxury Medical Spa in Newport Beach. They discuss the next generation of #plasticsurgery #officedesign to meet patient safety. In this current pandemic situation, aesthetic practices face many challenges. One of the most important challenges is to protect their patients’ health and safety in the office environment. This webinar will address how to marry a beautiful office design with the highest safety standards. This is a case study of looking at one practice and the change in the delivery of care where it impacts patients’ experience, practice team, and transforms lives. As we begin to realize healthcare practice is changed dramatically, patient expectations are no longer the same. Building codes, accreditation, and certification officials demand only the best and you are the one who needs to respond to all that! No matter where you are and how large or small of the practice you have, there are few things that remain constant:

  • Patient, staff, and doctor’s safety and health. Elimination of cross-contamination throughout the practice and code compliance.
  • Developing a psychological environment that responds to the patient’s psychological needs.
  • Prepare yourself to create a responsive practice to new requirements.