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Your Eyelids are an Important Part of Your Face

Your Eyelids are an Important Part of Your FaceYou may have beautiful eyes, but no one would ever know it because you suffer from sagging or puffy eyelids. You are by no means alone. Thousands of people have conditions that are a treatable condition that affects their eyelids.

Thousands of people have conditions that are treatable condition that affect their eyelids. This can be a real problem because drooping eyelids may even obstruct vision. Top Orange County plastic surgeons have been performing what is known as a blepharoplasty for decades; helping people see better and look great.

Blepharoplasty Can Fix the Following:

Excess fat deposits that make the upper eyelids puffy.

  • Sagging skin that disturbs the natural contour of the eyelid, impairing the vision.
  • Excess skin or wrinkles on the lower eyelid.
  • Puffy bags under the eyes.
  • Excessive drooping of the upper or lower eyelid.


While an eyelid surgery procedure cannot fix everything, a blepharoplasty is usually performed on adult men and women who have healthy facial tissue and muscles. Recovery from eyelid surgery is generally quick and patients can return home the day of surgery. After care treatment will include covering the eyes with special ointment as well as bandages. In recovery, your eyelids may feel tight and sore but any discomfort can be mitigated with the proper pain medication.

Your doctor will give you specific instruction for recovery that may include keeping your head raised up for several days. Cold packs can also reduce swelling and bruising. Your recovery plan may also involve prescription or even over the counter eye drops to control any burning or itching.

After two or three days, the swelling will have mostly subsided and your vision should be back to normal. If you wear contact lenses, you must keep them out for two weeks. It is important to take it easy for the first week and avoid strenuous activity for a month. The stitches will come out after about a week and you may have some residual bruising. For the first couple of weeks, you may experience increased tears production, sensitivity to light, and blurring vision.

If, during the consultation, it is revealed that your eyelid surgery is medically necessary the procedure may even be covered by your insurance carrier. Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati offers wide variety of cosmetic procedures for improving eyelids.



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