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Your Dream Surgery

Your Dream SurgeryFor many Orange County residents, plastic surgery may be an item on a wish list something they would love to do, but just do not have the money for at this time. However, cosmetic surgery hopefuls should recognize that there are several ways to make these procedures more affordable. Dr. Kevin Sadati, who is based out of Newport Beach, aims to make sure all patients have an opportunity to have a surgery that has the potential to change their lives. Instead of putting the surgical bill on a credit card and paying high interest rates, patients can consider the option of financing their procedures.

There are several types of financing options available, but one of the most popular choices is CareCredit. CareCredit is a reliable financing option that has been servicing people who need affordable health care for themselves and even for their pets for decades. The company is backed by a major bank, G.E. Money Bank, so patients know they can trust this credit lending institution. The best part about CareCredit is the fact that many financing plans come with 0% interest.

Essentially, the patient is able to pay cash for the surgery, but by stretching the payments out over the course of several months, the surgery becomes much more manageable and affordable for the patient. If needed, a patient can take up to 60 months to pay back CareCredit for any cosmetic surgery.

This financing options instantly makes plastic surgery more attainable for many people no matter what type of procedure they are looking into for themselves or for a loved one. For instant, your standard breast augmentation can cost as little as $141 each month. These procedures have long been seen as the types of procedures that are only available to those who can afford optional medical procedures typically those who live a lavish lifestyle. That is simply not true anymore. Patients who need or want a cosmetic procedure can easily finance one, allowing them the chance to have a procedure done that allows them to look better, feel better and improve their self confidence. These are life-changing surgeries, and Dr. Kevin Sadati believes that everyone should have an opportunity to feel good about themselves.

carecreditThe first step toward getting CareCredit financing is to contact the company either online or by phone. You cabn visit them on their website, Or you can give them a call at (800) 365-8295. Patients are often thrilled to find out that they will receive an immediate answer on whether they have been approved for this special type of financing. Patients who are approved will receive a specific line of credit, and it can all be put toward the surgery of their choice or they can choose to use a portion of it. If a patient still has credit available from CareCredit, they will find it to be a versatile line of credit designed to suit their needs. CareCredit can often be used in dentist offices, veterinary offices and even ophthalmologist offices.

For more information on our financing options, as well as information on our surgical procedures, contact our office today to set up a free consultation. Dr. Sadati will give you the information you need on the surgery you are looking into, and Tanya will discuss with you the various financing options.



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