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What is the Cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery in California?

The cost of rhinoplasty incorporates two main factors: the surgeon fee and a facility fee. The facility fee includes two components operating room expenses and the anesthesiologist fee.

There are several things that can vary the cost of rhinoplasty surgery: First, the operating room or facility fee which could be very expensive if it is performed in a hospital, moderately expensive in an outpatient surgical center, or least expensive if it is performed in a surgeon’s office. Second, the scope and complexity of the nasal surgery affects the cost of rhinoplasty. The more involved and complex the surgery the more time and expertise requires therefore increasing the cost of the rhinoplasty. Third, whether an anesthesiologist is involved or whether the surgery is performed under local anesthesia, when performed under general anesthesia, rhinoplasty would be more expensive.  Finally, the cost of a rhinoplasty surgery varies from one city to another, and even in one city surgeon’s fee can vary. These cost disparity in rhinoplasty can be even more evident when comparing different states.


Cost of Operating Room Know as Facility Fee for Rhinoplasty in California

In California, rhinoplasty surgery that is performed in hospital operating rooms will be more expensive. A California plastic surgeon that chooses to operate at an outpatient surgical facility will bring the cost of facility fee for his patients. A facial plastic surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty surgery can perform the surgery at his own facility; therefore bring down the cost of rhinoplasty to minimum and making it more affordable.

The Complexity of Rhinoplasty Surgery affects the cost:

The less complex and extensive procedure, the less time and expertise it requires, and the less pricey it should be. However, what may appear to patient as a minor or slight alteration to the nose may not necessarily be a straightforward or easy operation for the surgeon. Sometimes, obtaining certain delicate refinements in a rhinoplasty will involve more effort, time, and skill on the part of the surgeon. Therefore, the surgeon fee for rhinoplasty will reflect that complexity. Generally, fine-tuning or remodeling of the nasal tip is more intricate than work done on the nasal hump. For instance, removing a nasal hump is less complex than repairing an crooked nasal tip. Many surgeons will have a fee for a complete rhinoplasty where there are changes to be made to both the tip and the nasal dorsum or hump, and a lower fee for a partial rhinoplasty and less complex in which only a hump reduction or tip refinement is performed.

Type of Anesthesia impacts the Cost of Rhinoplasty in California:

As mentioned before, if an anesthesiologist is monitoring your surgery, his service entails a fee that will increase the cost of rhinoplasty surgery. In some cases, the patient will pay the anesthesiologist separately, whereas in others, the anesthesiologist’s fee is calculated into the facility fee and he is compensated directly by the surgical facility. Despite of the agreement, the anesthesiologist fee will factor into the final price. In certain cases where the rhinoplasty surgery is performed under local anesthesia with the surgeon himself overseeing the sedation process, the anesthesia fee should be eliminated; therefore the cost of rhinoplasty should be less.

Surgeon’s Skill and Experience will affect the Cost of Rhinoplasty in California:

In general, a less experienced surgeon has lower fees because he performs infrequent rhinoplasty surgery, in contrast to an experienced and expert in rhinoplasty who commonly charges higher fees relative to his skill and experience. Nevertheless, as a general rule, more expensive surgeon does not automatically translate to great results. For instance, an average rhinoplasty surgeon with higher prices may need to do so to compensate for his very expensive facility fee. Furthermore, some surgeons become branded and popular among media and patients, so they charge more, because of the more people want to have consultation with them. This is the media brand name and trend. Although the surgeon may have an exceptional reputation, make certain this status and fame includes expertise in rhinoplasty. If surgeon’s reputation was popularized because he performed the best results for tummy tuck surgery or breast reduction, he may not be an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

What is Surgical Tourism

A recent trend that has popularized in California is referred to as “plastic surgery tourism”. People inquire about having their plastic surgery to be performed in Mexico where the cost is considerably less. While there may be a financial gain, there are many risks also involved with it.

What is the main thing in Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Among all plastic surgeries, rhinoplasty in particular, is not the time for discount shopping. The decision should be made based on which surgeon is most likely to safely deliver the result you are seeking. Justifiably, finances and cost present a reality of life for most people. If that is the scenario for you, it is paramount to wait until you have enough money and can afford the experienced surgeon fee who is likely to bring the best result. Stay away from choosing a surgeon based on a low price rhinoplasty and going for a good deal. Saving money, even a considerable amount, will be pointless if the results are undesirable. Then you may need a revision rhinoplasty by an expert surgeon, which will cost you twice the bargain. The end result is paying for the surgery twice and having two surgeries, including a more complex revision or secondary nasal surgery whose outcome is less predictable.

Surgical center in Newport Beach:

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