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What is Gynecomastia?

For men, dealing with gynecomastia can be difficult, embarrassing and emotionally troubling. This is a condition in which the male breast tissue is over-developed, causing the male chest to appear larger than it typically would. Many men go through life, with gynecomastia, not  understanding what is going on and feeling as there is no hope.Dr. Kevin Sadati recognizes that this can be a difficult issue for Orange County men, and he wants any man to know that he has options available for them at his Newport Beach practice.

There  is a wide variety of cosmetic procedures that are designed to address gynecomastia.

Sometimes, gynecomastia is a genetic issue that men deal with from about the time they hit puberty. Other times, it is the result of aggressive weight loss. A man who was overweight and lost a lot of weight very quickly might find that he is afflicted with gynecomastia. The procedures that Dr. Sadati offers his patients to address this issue will help return proportionality to the body, allowing the man to look better than he has in a long time while at the same time restoring his self confidence once again.

Some options for Dr. Sadati’s patients include:


For many patients, liposuction is the quick and simple answer to gynecomastia. Dr. Sadati is a highly-skilled plastic surgeon who can quickly and efficiently eliminate the excess fat that is present in the male breast tissue. This is often an ideal procedure choice for patients because a local anesthetic can be used and the recovery does not take a long time. To complete this procedure, Dr. Sadati uses a specialized vacuum that not only removes excess breast tissue but also returns the male breasts to their proper placement on the chest.

Male Breast Reduction

For men who have more breast tissue present and cannot use liposuction to, fully, correct the problem, Dr. Sadati offers the male breast reduction surgery. This procedure is designed  not only to eliminate the excess fat but to also resculpt the male breasts, so they return to their proper shape and size. It is a more intensive procedure, but the results are often worth it for men who have a severe case of gynecomastia. The recovery does not take long, but patients are recommended to avoid contact sports for at least 2 to 4 weeks while their body heals.

Patients who have been dealing with gynecomastia and feel as it is impacting their quality of life should set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Sadati as soon as possible. They might be surprised to find out just how easy it is to fix these cosmetic issues, and they will be thrilled to feel confident once again in their personal appearance. Combined with a good diet and exercise regime, men will find that these results last a long time, and they can be proud of the person that they are both on the inside and outside.



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