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Three Ways to Speed up a Nose Job Recovery

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, a Rhinoplasty aims to enhance the appearance the nose, resulting in a higher degree of self confidence gained through improved harmony of facial features. In addition to improving your looks, a procedure on the nose may also correct breathing problems caused by interior structural defects. During a rhinoplasty, the underlying bone and cartilage, along with other tissues are surgically to create the desired appearance and repair any apparent blockages. A nose job might even be covered by your insurance provider if it is a medically necessary procedure.

Whatever the case, surgery on your nose is a big deal and requires conscientious care. Since you want to get back to your life sooner rather than later, here are a few suggestions to speed up your rhinoplasty recovery:

  1. Don’t smoke or drink: while you will feel like having a cigarette and a cocktail to take the edge off, resist the urge! Smoking and alcohol will cause delays in wound healing. It will also add to your discomfort as smoking dries out the interior lubricating mucus and alcohol may have an adverse effect with your prescription medication.
  2. Sleep with your head slightly elevated: this allows the swelling fluid that will accumulate to drain faster. Lying flat, however comfortable it may be will prolong the recovery process.
  3. Get out of bed and use decongestant nasal sprays: continually lying in bed only makes matters worse because greater movement promotes general circulation to the tissues. This increased blood flow aid in healing and swelling reduction. There is a caveat to moving around, you should not engage in any sports or other strenuous activity. As far as decongestants go, these easily accessible over the counter sprays serve to shrink the lining of the nose allowing increased volumes of airflow. Increased air into the lungs promotes healing by efficient blood oxygenation and circulation.

Of course, it should go without saying to take doctor prescribed medications as directed. The prescriptions will help manage pain and reduce the effects of bruising; which in turn will allow you to get back to your life!



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