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Want A Better Sex Life? Read On

Want A Better Sex LifeCosmetic surgery is a much maligned industry. The popular press derides plastic surgery as part of the problem with self-esteem and that it plays into an arbitrary superficial stereotype. Of course, study after study shows quite the opposite.

Research now suggests that it may also improve a patients sex life. According to a 2006 issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the greatest benefits were received by women who had a breast augmentation/lift, or a body contouring procedure.

But the data speaks for itself. Ninety-five percent of women reported that they experienced a higher level of sexual satisfaction, regardless of the surgical procedure. Eighty-one percent breast surgery respondents and 68% of body contour patients said they experienced improvements in their sexual relationships including a higher propensity to achieve orgasm. The study also illustrates the increased satisfaction among the partners of women who have undergone cosmetic surgery. In this case, it appears that everyone benefits.

It is important to note that these procedures will not necessarily lead to more sex. Any cosmetic change should be undergone with an eye toward boosting self confidence. Great sex is simply a happy consequence. The real driver behind great sex is self-esteem. Candidates should not simply undergo a cosmetic change to have great sex. Cosmetic surgery is all about increasing self-esteem and body image. The more confident you feel about yourself, the more enjoyable your relationships will become; and that includes the sexual dimension.

Boosting intimacy is a direct result of how people feel about themselves. If a breast augmentation or a body contouring procedure can make people feel better about who they are and how they look; then great sex will ultimately follow. Whats more, intimacy is about more than just a physical moment. These are dimensions of a personality can and will, last for many years. Of course, it all starts with a conversation; a frank conversation with a medical professional who has experience with what patients really want out of life.



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