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Revision Face and Neck Lift Testimonial

Video Transcript

and my name is Judy and I’ll be 74 at the end of this week I came to dr. sadati from a referral for my dermatologist I’m having a revised facelift I had one before and I was not happy with my neck and chin area it’s been several years but my dermatologist referred me to dr. sadati and I came in with my husband and doctor sadati explained to me what he would do and under local anaesthetic which I was a little apprehensive about but after he explained everything to us we were both really happy that I should go ahead and do the surgery recovery was absolutely marvelous so quick recovered in no time at all my husband and I are both extremely happy with the results a friend of mine and I went to a presentation for facelifts with another doctor they talked her into going under a general anaesthetic and she is now so unhappy she is not happy with their results at all I’m extremely happy and I want to thank dr. sudachi for this surgery it’s made my life you

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