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Open Septorhinoplasty Testimonial

Video Transcript

hi my name is Michelle and I had an open septoplasty by dr. sadati which means that he worked on the inside and the outside of my nose my procedure was done on March 2014 the reason I had the procedure done was because I constantly had sinus infections along with a lot of breathing problems and headaches the procedure went fairly well it really wasn’t painful at all I felt great immediately my breathing has changed quite a bit it’s definitely changed my life I suffered from a lot of breathing problems which now it’s been two months and my breathing is amazing I haven’t had any sinus infections since my procedure I heard of dr. sue Dottie online after reading his reviews I was very curious to meet him and see what my consultation would be like his staff is extremely friendly and after meeting him I was 100% sure that he was the doctor I wanted to have my procedure done with overall I’m extremely satisfied with the procedure that was done I was very impressed by his staff and his work I would definitely recommend him for anybody that’s searching for a doctor that would do that procedure for them

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