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Natural Facelift & Necklift Testimonial

Video Transcript

hi my name is sarah and i came to dr. saddaji to get a lower face lift and a neck lift and my nick was extremely saggy it I think like I had a chicken and it just didn’t fit with how I felt I I’m very active I’m horse trainer I do Pilates every day and I had to look in the mirrors and look at this terrible sagging neck and so I went to three different highly recommended Newport Beach surgeons and just didn’t have a good feel about it and went to my dermatologist and she told me she’s one of the best in Newport she said there’s only one man to go to unless dr. Kevin sadati I chose him from the internet just looking at his work and the fact that he was an artist and a sculptor just made it even better and I came in and consulted with him and he was absolutely wonderful just a great guy and so easy to talk to his staff here was wonderful Kristen k just encouraging from step a all the way through and I’m five weeks out right now and just as you can see no scars I I pulled my hair back every day and have never had anybody asked me about my neck it’s just been a wonderful procedure and dr. sadati is just an excellent surgeon they did it under local and so it was just like going to the dentist it truly was I came in they gave me like a valium to relax I talked to him they numbed it up and I went through the procedure I went home I feel good was on I believe a Wednesday and that weekend we went to dinner and I was up and back moving around feeling great on Monday it’s just been an excellent experience at highly recommended dr. saddaji I have told everybody that will listen to me about dr. saddaji and look forward to doing other procedures with him

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