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Microneedling Explained

Video Transcript

hey everyone Elizabeth Marley I’m here today to talk to you about micro needling so a lot of people have rollers at home with the rollers when it comes to micro needling those are essentially rolling needles into your skin the whole point of having micro needling is that you want those needles to go in at a 90 degree angle stimulate fibroblasts and retracts so rollers essentially are rolling across your skin you’re not getting the full uniform hit of those needles and then of course when it comes to being sterile it’s an environment where you need to make sure if you are using those you’re cleaning them properly and not spreading bacteria so I really if you are trying to have microneedle and you want to do it in an environment where it’s clean and an environment where it’s effective so with our skin pin we’re able to actually go up to three point five millimeters so the difference with that of course your rollers are set with a specific depth the skin pin that we have I actually can vary it based off the area we’re at on your face so of course bony regions we want to lower it if you have areas of that says so deep wrinkles fine lines wrinkles we are able to fine-tune and actually get the depth that will make the best results for the area of course with it as well as skin pin is not something that you do one time it’s something you do to stimulate enough to make a difference so we always recommend starting with four treatments the port treatments would be space four to six weeks apart and the reason for that is when we do it your fiber glasses stimulated it takes four to six weeks for them to produce collagen elastin so the beauty of it it’s a building process you do your first treatment afterwards and everything’s healed and you have your skin that’s flowy it looks nice and fresh because a lot of those dead cells are off but even four to six weeks later you’re still producing smoother skin and it keeps building and building

the bocce is the next step up vivace is micro-needling with radiofrequency so in addition to those needles we now have radiofrequency that’s placed in the dermal level we increase our depth and the radiofrequency time that’s of delivery we would increase that length as well so the needles go in they reach the dermis and we let out radiofrequency the benefit of that is a tightening component as well as we’re able to keep those channels open longer so anything that we’re applying afterwards whether it be PRP tin Sasha’s serum to you know add fuel to the fire for that healing process it actually will accept all of those serums in the PRP more readily it’s a better environment for healing it’s a better environment for more collagen elastin stimulation and of course you’re also having the tightening component to it so with micro needling we need to at least start off with four treatments we need to make sure that we’re getting enough stimulation to this fiberglass to actually produce collagen elastin that will make a difference textural wise so space is facing enzyme at four to six weeks apart you always have room you know if something comes up you don’t have to do right after four week mark so you can do for six week of it at least for treatment from there we always maintain we don’t stop losing collagen less than as we age so we would want to come back and see me at least every six months to a year just to maintain micro-needling is used for minor scarring it can use for deeper wrinkles fine wrinkles texture pores it can be used anywhere on the body so that’s the beauty of it I always recommend if you don’t know where to start start with the face we can always make improvements with the face of course the neck you don’t want to leave out it was tell people if you’re targeting your face make sure to incorporate neck as well because what happens is we’ll start to see changes with our face textural improvement fine lines and wrinkles are smoothing out and then it kind of intensifies look of our neck so don’t neglect your neck keep it you know keep doing treatments to both at the same time if you can

so after you’ve had a microneedle entry you can expect your face to be red it will feel warm because of the inflammation and that usually will last up to five days the most extreme portion of it is before the 24 to 48 hour period you might also have a little bit of peeling so I always recommend for the first 24 hours definitely no makeup after that if you’re still pretty tender wait a little bit longer it doesn’t hurt but for people that do need to go back to work they need to apply makeup at least the 24 hours because you will actually have open channels from of course the micro injuries and that will be a up to four hours so during that time we want to be careful about introducing bacteria so four hours just be careful we don’t want to do anything to introduce bacteria after that I’ll give it 24 hours before our treatments I always want our patients to utilize a cleanser that will irritate the skin something nice and gentle I always recommend or met it because it’s organic there’s nothing to irritate no perfumes it’s simply there to cleanse the skin adding nothing else to prolong the experience just a nice calm gentle cleanser so after we’ve used a gentle cleanser to cleanse our skin then I always recommend using bio serum by our will actually help heal the skin so we’ve put it in an inflamed State we now want to calm it down and help help it heal to the best of its ability so if I assume we’ll add in those growth factors recommend using it morning and night and then if you’re at home mid day as well so after we use our bio serum I always recommend trio trios rich so it nourishes the skin it keeps it moisturized because you are in that healing state so you definitely will feel your skin being dry we want to make sure to keep it work this is something morning and night and then if you’re at home again in a day for it I continue on with this even after my treatment so I use it every single day people endeavour loving it and if you want to follow me and all of the other things that we do ahead and follow me up the link below

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