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Male Revision Rhinoplasty Testimonial

Video Transcript

hi my name is Gabe and I had a revision rhino’s septoplasty and chin augmentation with dr. sadati back in November 2013 I had originally had a rhinoplasty back in 2006 with another surgeon it was a closed rhinoplasty which means that they don’t open the nose up and they just work from the inside of the nostril because I was led to believe that I would have a scar on the bottom of my nose unfortunately the results came back pretty horrific I was left with an uneven nose I still had a hump which I was trying to get rid of which was you know the point of me getting the rhinoplasty and at the end I actually had rising nostrils so my nostrils looked really big so then I came to dr. sadati and we did have an open rhinoplasty as you can see I have no scar under my nose it’s an awesome look on me I also got that chicken limitation because I wanted a more masculine jawline my overall experience just coming here and sitting with dr. sadati has been amazing

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