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Lower Face and Neck Lift Testimonial

Video Transcript

my name is Norma and 57 years old and I
had a lower facelift with also a neck
lift in late December 2016 I decided to
do this procedure because even though
this part of my face looked really young
here it was just I had stain just
hanging from everywhere and I just felt
very conscientious about it and I also
had afraid because I keloid and my skin
just tends to get really thick scars and
so I was also worried about that now
through the internet I discovered dr.
sadati I did various searches for
different doctors and no one stood out
more than dr. sadati his results were
amazing and when I came to the
consultation his staff was just
beautiful everyone’s super nice and they
make you feel at home like you’re part
of the family and dr. sadati was just so
confident that the results that I that I
could have and I really appreciated that
and he was very honest and the results
have really they’re really beyond my
expectations and I would recommend dr.
sadati to anyone who wants a youthful
appearance without looking pulled back I
wouldn’t think of anybody else doing
this procedure
he is amazing my scars are like
non-existent which was my big concern
and I just feel like I’m like 15 years
younger and I feel a lot more happier
and confident because of dr. Sadat ease
work and I’m looking forward to having
more procedures because now I’m part of
the family with dr. sadati in it and I
just feel very at home here so if you’re
considering a surgery that will make you
look beautiful without being pulled back
and having that unnatural sect the only
person I will go to is dr. sadati I
totally trust him
and I highly highly recommend him thank

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