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Happy Facelift Patient Testimonial

Video Transcript

hi my name is Patti and I am thrilled that dr. sadati and his staff asked me to tell about my experience with my cosmetic surgery with dr. sadati I had I think because of a neck lift but he actually pulled up here you can see so this was my present for my 60th birthday I came about a year before I got the surgery and then I got the surgery in August and I turned 60 in November I could not be happier they’re really nice they helped me through any of my anxiety I’m kind of goofy and I’m like what if I do this what if this happens they’re just great the surgery itself very simple I thought I’d be out longer than I was I was out three days then the weekend and I started back to work on Monday I had bruises but that was fine with me after I had the surgery done my girlfriend saw it and she’s like I’m like I’m gonna do right and then her girlfriend did it and then her girls so four of us have done it I am just happy I think I look terrific I think it looks natural and I could not say enough positive things about dr. sadati and his staff

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