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Facelift, Necklift, & Eyelid Testimonial

Video Transcript

hi I’m Amy I’m 42 years old and I had a natural
face and neck lift and upper blepharoplasty

7 days ago I found dr. Sadat eonline I had
been researching for over a year just Googling

pictures so they knew I wanted to get a procedure
done just to have the best technique and whoever

had the most natural results that I could
see in Google and then when I took a closer

look at him I saw that he was very meticulous
that he’s an artist and then he takes pride

in how is the results turn out so yeah Google
them was great he puts all your fears to rest

he asks you what you’re looking for and how
he’s going to approach that in his meticulous

nature in the consultation and put your mind
at ease that he is addressing all your fears

and what post office like in and what your
realistic results are going to be a procedure

was great I love that he didn’t do general
anesthesia I’ve had general anesthesia in

the past that makes you groggy feel like you
have your body has to recover from it but

local anesthesia although most people go to
sleep I was awake forever there’s Peyton List

and it was great I love it it down time with
Wes and then the following week was a little

scary but he gives you a toolbox to go home
with his you know you’re wrapped up you don’t

know what you’re going to look like you’re
scared but everyday you can you can see when

you get home that you look good and and that
you’re just going to keep looking better as

you go along it’s scary but I think that’s
normal results I I think I look great I had

a lot of excess skin that made me look tired
all the time and I just wanted to wake up

feeling refreshed I don’t feel like I look
different I just looked more refreshed and

the incisions are beautiful I don’t think
you will be able to see him at all my eyes

are open so I’m not pulling my eyes open like
this all the time you know I’m 42 I don’t

want to go to work and look like I’m struggling
I want to go to work and you know feel great

so I so far I think I look great I getting
looks I don’t know if your bad face but I

think I look great I love that doctor’s today.
He is passionate about it his work and that

he just wants to make women look like their
natural selves I found that a lot of doctors

online they do faceless and the women come
out looking like completely different people

doctor said he does a very good job does the
enhancing and knowing where to pull on your

face if you look online and you’re looking
at pictures a lot of the women look pulled

he knows exactly where to pull and not only
that but he does corrective surgery the previous

surgeons and even those women do not look
over pulled they all come out looking very

natural which is important to me and I think
he takes pride in that you can tell renting

doctor C. I work in the field I’m a nurse
and not the only there are male nurses but

there’s a lot of women there and so I think
when I go back to work tomorrow. They’ll be

a lot of women that will be hitting him up
in the next couple of months

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