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Eyelid Lift Testimonial

Video Transcript

hi I’m melody about six weeks ago dr. sadati did an upper eyelid surgery on me I was very nervous and hesitant to do anything about my looks at all and after talking with him I felt the security and the trust in what he knew and how he presented himself and that he didn’t try to oversell it or anything to me in about four months I’ll be 70 years old and I wasn’t so sure how I could tolerate a surgery so I was very happy that he would do it under a local anesthesia the day that I arrived I was very pampered by everybody I was so comfortable couldn’t believe how comfortable the operating table was we had just a simple local on the upper lid it didn’t take any time at all for him to do it in fact we chatted home the whole time during the procedure and then I got up felt fine and went home I didn’t need to take any pain medication I simply didn’t have any discomfort there was very little in the way of any swelling or any bruising or anything like that it was just easy as could be and just bit over a week later the the stitches were taken out and I went on vacation had a great time could do whatever he wanted to do it was just like nothing had ever happened so I couldn’t be more pleased and I just felt a lot of trust and dr. sadati and I would highly recommend him to you and if you’re having any doubts don’t you don’t need to

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