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89 Year Old Male Facelift Testimonial

Video Transcript

my name my name is Fred I just turned 89 years old I had a lower face and neck lift about two months ago

everything turned ugly I’m feeling fine yeah I found dr. sadati on the on the Internet and then my wife had a referral from my friend errors so that’s all we ended up here the consultation was good advice man what do you expect and the procedures before we got into it so I was pretty aware what they expect and a season everything gravy but put me on this I was unaware but it I came out of it quickly and without any problems yes I I’m happy with the result I had some places where my lower mouth there where the skin has really never got to see the Sun and that’s been fixed and pretty happy with the outcome but I guess it’s his personality to me that makes him unique yes I I recommend doctor said I think that anyone that was interested in going through this

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