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7 Day Post Op – Facelift Testimonial

Video Transcript

my name is Suzanne Marsha I’m 57 years old and I had a lower facelift very happy it’s only been a week and I already kind of look like I thought I was gonna look which is exactly what you find so I didn’t want to look like someone else and I didn’t look like a prettier person I just wanted to look like the me on the inside 20 years ago so yeah I had a lower facelift and I was perfectly okay with some wrinkles and smile lines around my eyes I didn’t want to look like someone different I’m going to look like the younger version of me but I still feel like on the inside the consultation was good I had a lot of questions and what we did was when dr. senator came in and introduced himself he asked me to hold my questions and gave me all the information and I at the end there was anything lacking to bring it up and there was nothing like I knew everything I need one of the things I loved about this was that I was not going to have general anesthesia which I’m capable of having but really didn’t want to it was such a breeze we came in it was relaxed I felt comfortable I had no pain afterward I did not feel dizzy losing nauseous any of these surgical stuff that you sometimes experience with general I was comfortable throughout the night I did not eat pain pills and it could not have been a smoother situation I researched the hell out of the Internet I probably looked at 30 doctors in Orange County and probably 15 in LA County and really didn’t work it took quite a while it probably took several I would say a couple of months of really reading carefully background training board certification I knew what I was looking for doctor said ID is an excellent communicator he really spells it out anything when you detail you are not left wondering about anything and he is very open to an exchange of discussion so if you do have concerns you have all the time in the world to help us concerns discussed it met I would recommend dr. sacani without any hesitation I did my homework so I felt confident that I had made the right decision and I know that the outcome is proving the correct and that it would be in my hands

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