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2 Months Post Op – Face & Neck Lift Testimonial

Video Transcript

I’m Carolyn I’m 73 years old and I had a lower neck and facelift and plus I had face of surgery on the lower part of my eyes well I found doctors too naughty my recommendations of my cousin in the waiting room what has been found his name on the internet so we felt like we were pretty well in the right direction the consultation was very informative I felt like I was very I felt very confident in going to this position well the procedure that I went through it sounds sitting in a chair one moment and then seemed like in a twinkle of an eye I was waiting to go home I had very little discomfort I was really very surprised with that and I think the recovery was very good very happy with the results I am very happy to be safe I think dr. sonali makes him unique today is because i felt like he really cared you took a lot of time and explained the procedures and i felt like he really cared about the individual i would recommend dr. to sadati to a friend that wanted to go to this procedure because i’ve been very satisfied with how my procedures turned out yes I would like to mention alibi of wonderful staff of dr. Sasaki and they’re just fantastic

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