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Understanding Lower Eyelid Surgery

With blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, there are two main approaches to improving the appearance of the eyes: upper lid surgery or lower eyelid surgery. In some cases, both procedures may be used, although many people’s areas of concern can be solved with just one.

Lower eyelid surgery can help people regain a more alert, youthful expression by getting rid of under-eye fat and lifting loose skin for a smoother appearance. Learn more about your options and what to expect from this plastic surgery procedure.


Goals of Lower Eyelid Surgery

Although every person’s specific concerns and anatomy are different, the general goal for eyelid surgery is to enhance the appearance of the eyes, making the skin in this area smooth and tight, and eliminating any sagging occurring throughout the eye-cheek area.

People also seek blepharoplasty as a combination procedure, helping to complement the benefits of a brow lift or facelift for a more harmonious total result.

How Lower Eyelid Surgery is Done

Two general strategies can be used for lower eyelid rejuvenation. The first involves a traditional approach in which the incisions are made under the eyelashes then removing fat, muscles, and skin. This technique can change the shape of the eyes with a high rate of complications. Whereas a more recent development is to make the incision on the inside of the eyelids, then repositioning of fat to fill in areas that may be recessed due to volume loss. The skin is firmed with CO2 laser resurfacing. This latest technique allows board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Sadati to personalize the procedure for the most natural-looking and effective outcome.

Dr. Sadati will make a very small incision within the eyelid to avoid any scarring on the outside of the eyes, through which he can access fat pads in the lower eyelid and above the cheek and remove and reposition them to achieve the desired results. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia with twilight sedation without the need for general anesthesia.

If there are concerns of volume loss in the under-eye area, Dr. Sadati can provide a few options for adding volume, whether with fat transfer or with hyaluronic acid. The skin around the eyes may also benefit from skin tightening procedures such as a chemical peel or laser treatments to complement the removal of fat from the area.

Full Face Rejuvenation

A lower eyelid lift’s ability to rejuvenate a major focal point of the face makes it a highly popular treatment plan for those looking for full-face enhancement through surgery. By combining procedures such as a brow lift and mid-face lift, Dr. Sadati can gain more access to the underlying tissues in the cheek and above the eye. This gives an already highly customizable procedure even more options for the most tailored solution for every patient’s specific needs.

Facial Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA

Lower eyelid surgery is a highly effective and deeply customizable procedure that can help you get rid of under-eye puffiness, sagging skin, or both for a refreshed appearance that will last for years. Although no plastic surgery procedure can halt the effects of aging, blepharoplasty can turn back the clock and help you look as sharp and alert as you feel inside. To learn more about what this procedure can help you achieve, call the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery or contact us online today to schedule your consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeons.



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