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Types of Anesthesia Used

When performing a facelift procedure, Dr. Kevin Sadati will use different types of anesthesia based on the patient and the particular technique of the procedure. Each Orange County patient is considered an individual and, therefore, a customized approach is taken with each surgery. Dr. Kevin Sadati makes it a priority to keep his Newport Beach patients calm and comfortable during the procedure, and he discusses the different anesthesia options with the patient prior to the operation.

What Types of Anesthesia Are Used During a Facelift Procedure?

Local Anesthesia Local anesthesia numbs a specific area of the face, and typically is only effective on the area that is being worked on. Many patients prefer this type of anesthesia because it is the least disruptive to their functionality after the operation is complete, but it can only be used on minor facelift procedures that require minimal sutures. It is important that anyone who opts to have local anesthesia for their facelift procedure has the ability to remain calm, comfortable, relaxed and still during the operation. This is essential in order for Dr. Kevin Sadati to provide the patient with the natural-looking results that they desire from the operation.

General Anesthesia General anesthesia is used for extensive facelift procedures, or facelift procedures that are combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures. Patients who are put under general anesthesia are put into a deep, coma-like sleep, and a breathing tube is used in order to allow them to breathe throughout the operation. General anesthesia is typically more complex than the other anesthesia options, which is why Dr. Kevin Sadati only works with the best anesthesiologists in the area for his surgeries. He generally only uses general anesthesia when it is necessary for the facelift procedure.

Dr. Kevin Sadati is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who is considered an expert in the facelift procedure not only in Orange County but also throughout the country. His patients’ health and safety are his top priority, and he works with only the most qualified anesthesiologists in the area in order to ensure that everyone is comfortable and secure throughout the facelift procedure. To find out more information about the facelift itself, the different techniques that are available and the anesthesia options that Dr. Kevin Sadati offers, set up your free cosmetic consultation today.



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