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Treatment for Chronic Sleep Apnea

You might think that snoring is just a mild inconvenience — a pesky side effect of laying in bed next to your partner all night long. However, excessive snoring that routinely disrupts your sleep and your partner’s sleep is not normal. If you or your bed partner are experiencing this, it is time to get help from a qualified professional such as Dr. Kevin Sadati.

Excessive snoring may be the symptom of a serious medical condition called chronic sleep apnea. Patients who suffer from chronic sleep apnea actually stop breathing while they are sleeping, and the snore-like sound you hear is your partner struggling to breathe. Luckily, Dr. Kevin Sadati offers several treatment options for Orange County patients who are battling chronic sleep apnea.

By treating chronic sleep apnea, you not only eliminate disruptive the snore-like sounds but you also allow the patient to enjoy restful, restorative sleep,” explained Dr. Kevin Sadati. “Many of these patients are not aware that they feel sluggish or tired because of their chronic sleep apnea.

There are two surgical procedures that can be performed to treat chronic sleep apnea: the septoplasty and the turbinate reduction surgery.

The septoplasty is the ideal treatment option for patients whose sleep apnea is the result of a deviated septum. During this procedure, Dr. Kevin Sadati will correct the deviated septum, ultimately eliminating the nasal obstruction that is causing the condition.

Some patients may suffer from chronic sleep apnea as a result of nasal turbinate inflammation or swelling. In this case, the surgeon recommends the turbinate reduction procedure. By reducing the size of the turbinates, the swelling and inflammation are eliminated, and the patient will be able to breathe easier throughout the day and night.

These procedures provide patients with an opportunity to enjoy a higher quality of life again, and ultimately improve their relationships with their partners,” said Dr. Kevin Sadati.

While neither of these procedures is considered cosmetic surgery, both operations can be performed under local anesthesia. Interested patients are invited to set up a consultation appointment at Dr. Kevin Sadati’s Newport Beach practice.



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