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Several Tips For Easy Recovery

The rhinoplasty surgery has the ability to transform a person’s appearance. By improving the way a person’s nose looks, the entire face is rejuvenated. However, before an Orange County patient can enjoy their new look and their refreshed sense of confidence, they have to endure the nose job recovery.

Newport Beach patients should recognize that this cosmetic procedure is still a major surgical operation. These tips will help any patient feel calm, comfortable and relaxed while they allow their nose to heal from the surgery.

What is the Best Way to Enjoy an Easy Recovery?

Recognize that the first 48 hours are the most difficult as well as the most critical. Spend this time resting with your head elevated. Apply ice packs and other cold compresses to your face in order to reduce swelling as well as minimize the pain and discomfort that is associated with the surgery. Do not attempt to do too much during this time, as it will make you feel exhausted and worn out and could put too much strain on your face.

Stay healthy by avoiding contact with people who are ill, and take a multivitamin in order to help boost your immune system. It is important to avoid catching minor illnesses, including the common cold, during this time. Remember that the structure of your nose is fragile and you will not be able to blow your nose should you get sick.

Avoid physical activity that could jeopardize your new nose. Contact sports as well as intense exercise routines should be avoided for about 4-6 weeks. Your nose will be fragile for months, and it is important to protect it as much as possible.

Stay Hydrated

Water should be your drink of choice during the recovery process, as it will help aid in the healing process. You also should enjoy a healthy, well-balanced diet during the recovery process. When you make your nutrition a top priority, your body will be able to heal faster. Avoid certain foods that can make the healing process more difficult, such as foods rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E can thin out the blood and cause you to bleed heavily from your wound.

When you decide to have the rhinoplasty surgery performed, Dr. Kevin Sadati will provide you with personalized instructions for the post-operative period. It is essential that you prepare for the recovery process and follow these instructions that are given to you. This will ensure that your recovery is short and free of complications and that you enjoy the best results from your nose job. The initial nose job recovery period lasts for about 7-14 days, and patients should remain vigilant about protecting their nose for at least a year after their operation.



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