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The Complications of a Broken Nose

The Complications of a Crooked NoseFor many people, a crooked nose is the result of a broken nose. Whether a person has injured themselves playing sports or simply had an accident, they might feel discouraged as many people believe there is no need to fix a broken nose. A person is defined as having a broken or fractured nose when the cartilage on the bridge is broken, or the sidewall of the nose or nasal septum is broken. Dr. Kevin Sadati, a board certified facial plastic surgeon based out of Orange County who specializes in rhinoplasty procedures wants patients to recognize the symptoms of a broken nose as well as know that they do have options for fixing the issue.

Newport Beach residents who think they may have a broken nose should research the symptoms of this issue. Some cases may result in bleeding from the nose and difficulty breathing through the nose. There is commonly bruising around the eyes when a person has a broken nose. Of course, pain and swelling associated with the break. This swelling can take up to two weeks to subside, at which point some patients discover that their nose now appears crooked or misshapen.

It is crucial that the injured person and others around do not attempt to fix the crookedness of the nose. This is a job that needs to be left up to a professional, and in some cases plastic surgery is required. When the injury first occurs, it is pivotal that people in the area try their best to keep the injured person cool, calm and collected. The person suffering from the injury should be reminded to breathe through their mouth, and it is important that they lean forward so that they do not choke on blood that might run down their throat. To help with the pain and to decrease the swelling, cold compresses and ice packs can be applied to the afflicted area. It is recommended by most doctors that patients take acetaminophen to help manage their pain after a broken nose injury.

It is important to know that medical professionals should always be contacted, but these particular symptoms definitely require medical attention: nonstop bleeding, a clear fluid that will not stop draining from the nose, the patient has difficulty breathing or additional injuries are suspected especially head and neck injuries.

There are several options for correcting any deformities that result from a broken nose, whether those deformities are functional or aesthetic. A rhinoplasty procedure can address issues associated with breathing as well as make a person’s nose beautiful once again. It is important to get in touch with a highly skilled rhinoplasty surgeon as these surgeons are required to know the nasal anatomy extremely well. When looking to correct a crooked nose, the surgeon must be able to identify the exact point where the break occurred before they can begin to formulate a plan to fix the injury.

In the mean time, patients who have suffered a broken nose need to know that they should be extra cautious in the coming weeks. Contact sports should be avoided. Protective coverings should be placed on the nose if the patient intends to ride a bike, roller skate or participate in other high-risk activities.



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