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The Benefits of the Mini Facelift

There’s no denying that the facelift is one of the most transformative plastic surgery procedures available. However, if you’re looking at your options for a younger, more refreshed you, it can seem daunting to undergo a major surgery – or even inappropriate if your aging signs are only mild or moderate. The mini facelift is one excellent option if you’re in either camp, and it can achieve naturally-stunning results without the downtime or invasiveness of a traditional facelift. As you schedule your consultation with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, here’s what to know about the mini facelift and how it may help.


Less Scarring

Although scarring is inevitable with any surgery, the mini facelift can drastically reduce its visibility. That’s because the mini facelift is much less aggressive than the traditional facelift, using shorter incisions that are less noticeable and more easily concealed. The mini facelift uses scars placed within the hairline and around the natural contours of the ears, and can be easily faded with the right silicone scarring products. With an experienced facelift surgeon who can expertly place your incisions for best results, there’s much less concern for visible scarring.

No General Anesthesia

General anesthesia can cause anxiety for many people, and that’s without the side effects that come with it during your recovery. General anesthesia usually requires a longer downtime and arrangements for transportation after your surgery, making it inconvenient and challenging if you have a busy schedule. It can also be a disqualifier if you’ve had reactions to general anesthesia in the past. The mini facelift can be performed using local anesthesia and twilight sedation, so you’re completely asleep during the procedure without a intubation but don’t have to worry about side effects like nausea and drowsiness afterward.

Faster Recovery

Since your face is usually the most visible part of you when you’re out in public, the traditional facelift can come with substantial downtime to make sure you’re comfortable in your appearance. Because of your plastic surgeon’s facelift technique, the traditional facelift can come with more substantial downtime due to greater trauma on the underlying tissues of the face. The mini facelift rather concerns the superficial tissues of the face which can heal faster. The result is less bruising, swelling, and discomfort, meaning you can return to your lifestyle quicker.

Comparable Results

Even though the mini facelift may seem like a less effective version of the traditional facelift, it can still accomplish substantial results. In fact, for some patients, the mini facelift can put off the need for a traditional facelift entirely. It’s best for concerns like:

  • Younger patient with mild skin laxity in the mid- and lower face
  • Sagging around the jawline
  • Wrinkles and folds in the lower face

When combined with fat grafting and laser treatments, the mini facelift can rewind the clock just as effectively as the traditional facelift.

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