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The Benefits of an Otoplasty

The Benefits of an OtoplastyAn otoplasty surgery, more commonly known as ear surgery was performed on nearly 30,000 patients in 2010 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

During the initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will discuss where and how your ear surgery will be done. Depending on the type of surgery you will undergo, your procedure may be performed in an accredited surgical facility, such as a hospital or the doctors office.

An otoplasty procedure can be performed to correct a variety of malformations of the ear such as large earlobes, over-protruding ears, lop ear, or shell ear. The exact type of ear surgery will depend upon the shape of the ears and what needs to be addressed.

In the case of overly protruding ears the procedure involves a surgical technique to create a fold just inside the rim of the ear and to reduce enlarged cartilage of the external ear. In order to reduce the appearance of scarring, the corrective incisions for the ear surgery are made on the back of the ear. When it is necessary to make incisions at the front, they are generally hidden within its natural folds. To close the incisions, non-removable sutures are used internally to secure the newly sculpted cartilage in place. Techniques and specifics will vary, however this is generally how the ear is repaired during an otoplasty.

The ear surgery itself will take approximately two to three hours and will depend largely on the complexity and techniques utilized for your specific case.

In especially involved procedures, the ear surgery can take quite a bit longer than three hours and can, although very rarely, include a hospital stay. For most otoplasty procedures, your plastic surgeon will most likely opt for a local anesthetic coupled with a sedative. For children needing an otoplasty, a general anesthetic will be used to ensure minimal movement during the surgery.

Many individuals suffer trauma to their ears from a wide range of reasons. But, the best way to permanently correct the shape of the ears is to visit a board-certified plastic surgeon for an otoplasty. Many professional surgeons can be located in the hub of plastic surgery: Orange Countys famous Newport Beach!



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