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Sleep on Your Back to Preserve Your Facelift

Did you know that more than just the natural aging process can contribute to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity? When you least expect it these signs of aging can gradually appear on the face. One daily activity that can affect the appearance of youthfulness on your face is, sleeping! The way you sleep can have a direct impact on your skin. Making sure you are sleeping in the proper position ensures the results of your facelift from Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Lounge for years to come.


Why Your Sleeping Position Matters

When it comes to maintaining our youthful appearance, our fist inclination is to consider what we must do in our waking lives to preserve our skin. This can be anything from skincare routines to cosmetic treatments. But it is also important to consider how our sleeping habits can impact the appearance of our skin. For starters, it is very important to make sure that you are getting the proper amount of sleep. During sleep the body engages in regenerative processes that contribute to collagen and elastin production.  But getting enough sleep is only part of the puzzle. It is how you sleep that can either keep you looking young, or age you.

What Sleeping Position Ages You?

We know that getting a healthy amount of sleep is important for your skin as well as your overall health, most adults need roughly 6-8 hours of sleep per night, but sleeping in certain positions can actually age you. The following are sleeping position that may be causing more harm than good when it comes to establishing or sustaining your youthful looks.

Side Sleeping

Around 74% of the population sleeps on their side. As common as this sleeping position is, it is not the best choice for achieving smooth, taut, and wrinkle-free skin. Consistently sleeping on your side long night after long night can lead to the formation of creases and deep wrinkles. Side sleeping causes your pillow to push your skin upward creating permanent creases. Lines can settle on the cheek and chin, and for women can create creases on the chest and decollete.

Stomach Sleeping

Stomach sleeping can be a very comfortable way to catch a good snooze, but this position may be one of the worst when it comes to the formation of wrinkles on the face. Of all the sleeping position, stomach sleeping causes the most contact between for face and the pillow. This leads to the formation of more wrinkles on the forehead and upper middle face. Many stomach sleepers will notice a heavier brow with deep forehead creases that is a stark contrast to their more youthful looking lower face.

The Best Way to Sleep

Because direct contact between your face and your pillow is the leading culprit of aging during sleep, the best sleeping position is one that avoids this conundrum altogether. With that being said, sleeping on your back is the obvious choice for preserving your facelift results. But for those who normally sleep on their side, making the switch to a new sleeping position can be difficult. Here are some ways to comfortably sleep on your back and confidently get a full night’s sleep.

  • Position your pillows in a comfortable way. One supporting your head and neck and one under your knees is a great way to sleep ergonomically on your back.
  • Place pillows on either side of you under your arms to prevent from rolling over in your sleep.
  • Switch to a firm mattress. A firm mattress offers more support for back sleeping.
  • Practice meditation to fall asleep. This is a great way to relax your mind and body into this new sleeping position, resulting in it feeling less like a shock to your system.
  • Be consistent. With consistency your body will get used to back sleeping and it will begin to feel more comfortable and natural.

After a while of sleeping on your back it will begin to feel like second nature. Not only will you experience great aesthetic benefits from switching to back sleeping, but your body will thank you too with less back and joint pain.

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