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Septoplasty Splint Benefits

Orange County patients who are suffering from sinus headaches, difficulty breathing during routine activities or excessive snoring may be surprised to find out that they are actually suffering the consequences of a deviated septum.

The nasal septum is the bone and cartilage structure in the nose that provides support for the entire nasal structure. When this septum is deviated, it can impact the ability of air to pass normally through the nasal passage. The septoplasty surgery is the medical procedure that corrects this structural issue. Most Newport Beach patients who opt to have this procedure performed by a qualified ENT surgeon will find that nasal splints are used to ensure the best results. 

What are the Benefits of Septoplasty Splints?

Septoplasty splints provide additional support for the new, fragile structure of the nose. These splints are put in place during the procedure, but they also are left in place during a portion of the recovery. This allows the improved structure of the nose to heal with additional support, ensuring that all patients get the results that they both want and need from this surgery. The splints are removed by the surgeon several days after the surgery is performed during a follow-up appointment.

Splints also can help reduce bleeding after the surgery. The splints are placed in a specific part of the nose, not only to provide support but also to apply pressure to the structure of the nose. This pressure helps to reduce bleeding and also reduces the risk of hemorrhagic flow.

The surgeon also utilizes the splints during the procedure in order to be able to provide the patient with the best results possible after the fact. When the operation begins, the surgeon puts the splints in place. This provides the surgeon with the best vantage point during the operation, and gives the surgeon the ability to maximize the results for the patient. The splints are used throughout the entire operation, and stay in place after the procedure as well.

The septoplasty is often performed by a facial plastic surgeon, but it’s important to note that this surgery addresses only structural issues within the nose. In some cases, a deviated septum leaves patients with a bump or hump on the bridge of their nose. Patients who are hoping to see aesthetic improvements after this surgery will have to have a cosmetic surgery procedure performed at the same time. The rhinoplasty can be performed in combination with the septoplasty, allowing patients to enjoy a fresh appearance and improvement in their symptoms. Patients should make it a priority to work with a surgeon who is an expert in the nose job as well as the septoplasty in order to guarantee the best results.



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