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Saline Spray and Rhinoplasty Recovery

During the nose job recovery process, patients might find that they initially have difficulty breathing. Orange County patients who worked with Dr. Kevin Sadati during their rhinoplasty procedure should note that this is a normal part of the recovery process. There is a lot of bruising, swelling and inflammation in the nose immediately following the rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Sadati, who is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who operates out of Newport Beach, has found that saline spray can be beneficial for patients who are experiencing this discomfort after their operation.

Facts About Saline Spray and Rhinoplasty Recovery

Saline spray treatment can typically begin 48 hours after the operation is complete. This is the point when most cosmetic surgeons feel that the nose has healed enough to begin irrigation treatments. Common saline spray brands can be purchased by patients over-the-counter at most pharmacies.

This spray can help improve a patient’s breathing because it provides moisture to the area. Ultimately, these irrigation treatments work to prevent phlegm from forming in the nasal passages. At the same time, the treatments can help to provide moisture to an area that is dry from the recovery process. It also helps to keep the blood that is present in the nose because of the surgical procedure from becoming too dry and crusting.

The solution should be sprayed several times during one treatment. The ideal saline treatment requires the patient to spray two squirts of the saline solution into each nostril. The patient should be able to taste the salty solution in the back of their throat to know that it has reached the innermost part of the nose. If there is too much solution present in the mouth, the patient can spit out the saline before spraying the solution in the other nostril. This procedure should be repeated three or four times each day. Dr. Sadati will provide personal instructions for each patient who requires the use of saline solution during the recovery process.

Rhinoplasty patients have had the best luck using “normal” saline solution. Patients who are using saline solution should keep it at room temperature or higher. Ideally, the solution and the patient’s body temperature would be the same. The normal solution has proved to be the best option for anyone who requires saline, but it is particular beneficial for patients who have just undergone a rhinoplasty procedure.

Each patient who works with Dr. Sadati is given an individual postoperative treatment plan. No patient should use a saline solution after their operation unless specifically instructed by Dr. Sadati to do so. Dr. Sadati takes the time to get to know each patient on an individual basis so  he can recommend the best options and treatments for that particular patient throughout the entire process. Just as, there is no one-size-fits-all rhinoplasty plan, there is no general recovery plan that works for every patient. For more information on the rhinoplasty procedure and what recovery plan would be best for you, set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Sadati.



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