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Revision Rhinoplasty

For many people, a rhinoplasty procedure is a dream come true. It’s an opportunity for them to change their appearance for the better, address any structural issues in their nose and to be more confident in themselves. So when a rhinoplasty goes wrong, it can be extremely disappointing for the patient. However, there’s hope for Orange County patients who are in this situation. Dr. Kevin Sadati is a highly-skilled facial plastic surgeon who is an expert in the revision rhinoplasty procedure. His goal is to fix the mistakes that were made during the original surgery, but also provide the patient with the results they wanted from their rhinoplasty in the first place.

[toggle_item title=”The Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure” active=”true”]A revision rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that aims to improve the results after a primary rhinoplasty procedure is performed. In some cases, the revision rhinoplasty is necessary because the patient is not happy with the aesthetic results of the initial surgery. In other cases, a revision is needed because a surgeon did not use the proper techniques during a rhinoplasty procedure. This subsequently caused more harm than good, and the nose now contains structural issues. The revision rhinoplasty is a more complicated surgical procedure because there is more scar tissue present and the face has already been through one traumatic event.[/toggle_item]
[toggle_item title=”Reasons for a Revision Rhinoplasty” active=”false”]There are many reasons that a patient might desire or require a revision rhinoplasty procedure. A few common reasons for having a revision rhinoplasty performed by an expert facial plastic surgeon include:

  • Cartilage collapse or damage to the nasal bone structure.
  • Obstruction in the nasal passageways as a result of the primary procedure, ultimately causing the patient to have a difficult time breathing or sleeping.
  • Worsened appearance of the nose. Some surgeons do not complete the procedure properly and do not achieve the proper symmetry during the operation. This can leave patients feeling frustrated with their appearance after the surgery is complete.

[toggle_item title=”Revision Rhinoplasty Results” active=”false”]Patients must understand that a revision rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure that can be difficult for any surgeon to complete. Dr. Kevin Sadati has extensive experience working with revision rhinoplasty patients, and strives to provide these patients with the results they wanted in the first place. Dr. Kevin Sadati takes a variety of factors into consideration while creating a revision rhinoplasty surgical plan, including the patient’s original appearance, ethnicity and personal desires. While this procedure presents many challenges, Dr. Kevin Sadati will not turn away a revision patient simply because the procedure appears to be too difficult.[/toggle_item]

Researchers have found that anywhere between 5 and 10 percent of rhinoplasty patients end up requiring a revision rhinoplasty procedure. As an expert facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati prides himself on having an extremely low personal revision rate, much lower than the national average. Newport Beach patients have come to trust Dr. Kevin Sadati as the cosmetic surgeon who will get the job done right during the first operation, whether it’s a rhinoplasty procedure or a facelift procedure. To find out more information about the revision rhinoplasty procedure and to see if you are a candidate, set up a free cosmetic consultation today.



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