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Recovery After Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, or better known as the abdominoplasty in the medical community, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that provides patients with a better looking belly. It can be performed on either men or women, and the goal is to reconstruct the abdominal area so that it looks more desirable.

It is a popular procedure for Orange County moms who want to feel confident and beautiful again after they have given birth to children, but many different types of patients throughout Newport Beach decide to have a tummy tuck performed.

It can be done after significant weight loss or simply because a person doesn’t like the way that their belly looks. However, patients who opt to have this reconstructive surgery performed should understand what the recovery process will be like prior to making their final decision.

What is the Recovery Process Like after the Tummy Tuck?

The average patient will spend two or three weeks resting and recovering after their abdominoplasty procedure. During this time, the patient should not be working or attending school. It may also be beneficial for patients to have a caretaker available to help with any needs they may have, and to also provide company during this time.

Patients should prioritize their rest during this time, and avoid doing normal chores around the home and taking on regular duties, obligations and responsibilities. The abdominoplasty recovery can be painful for the patient, as their entire abdominal region will be sensitive, sore and possibly swollen.

The patient may prevent the body from recovering properly or bring on an infection if they try to take on too much, too quickly after the surgery. Enlist the help of friends and family members during this time, and focus on resting while they cook meals and clean your house for you.

Patients should also alter their diet after the operation in order to promote faster wound healing. A protein-rich diet is recommended for those who are recovering from this cosmetic surgery.

Chicken, peanut butter, nuts and dairy products are all protein-rich foods that can help the healing process. Foods that have high concentrations of vitamin C also are recommended, such as oranges. Of course, patients need to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water in order to allow the body to recover as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Ultimately, each patient will have a different recovery experience after this surgery. A person’s general health, prior to the surgery, may play a role in the recovery process, as may environmental factors. When a patient begins working with a cosmetic surgeon in order to have an abdominoplasty performed, they should discuss what their own personal recovery will be like.

A qualified and experienced surgeon will provide the patient with personalized post-operative instructions that allow them to maximize their comfort during the recovery while minimizing complications. The recovery process plays an important role in the end result, so it’s essential that patients take the time they need to truly rest and allow their body to heal.



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