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Neck Lift or Neck Tightening

in Newport BeachMany of my patients from Southern California who get referred to our practice by previous patients request to do something about their necks. This is one of the most common complaints we hear from both men and women in their early forties to late seventies.

For many individuals the issue is excess fat under the chin, which creates what we call a “Double chin.” The jaw lines and neck are not well defined, and the per­son’s face just appears to be connected to the neck area.

In some instances, the issue is loose and droopy neck and jowl skin and not excess fat. This is referred to a “turkey neck.” Some individuals also have concern about circular wrinkles around the neck, which I call “ring wrinkles.”

Majority of the patients who consult me for their neck problems range from their early forties to late-seventies, but some are as young as their early thirties.

These younger patients are not essentially individuals who are aging prematurely or are badly overweight. However, they have a genetic predisposition for developing a double chin and excess fat in the neck area. However there are some younger patients in their twenties who are overweight and have excess neck fat, or who lose weight but can’t lose the double chin. All these young patients might need only liposuction of the neck.

However older patients with double chin have some looseness to the skin on their lower face that will require a mini lift. For these patients, one of the biggest false impressions about the neck lift is that it only involves tightening of the skin around the neck. In reality, most of these patients also need a mini facelift which includes the neck. They need their lower facial skin to be tighten which includes jowls and neck. It is not costmary to do just an isolated neck lift, without doing a simultaneous facelift, because without the facelift the skin will bunch up in front of the ear.



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