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Laser Facial Treatments: Risks & Recovery

In today’s world, our appearance defines us. While we are still aging the way that we have for thousands of years, we don’t want to look as old as the calendar claims that we are. For this reason, many people throughout Orange County look to facial surgery in order to turn back the clock and regain their youth again.Laser treatment is rising in popularity in Newport Beach because it is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate the face. A laser facial can eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, while also correcting dark spots, age spots, birthmarks, and acne scars.


How is a Laser Treatment Performed?

New and advanced technologies have allowed cosmetic surgeons to explore the laser treatment procedure. This procedure is performed with the use of a laser tool that sends out gentle beams onto the face.

These lasers are set to penetrate the skin at a variety of different levels, depending on the personal preferences of the patient and the ultimate goal of the procedure. The laser will help to promote the growth of collagen while also generating new skin cell growth within the face.

What are the Risks Associated with this Procedure?

As with any type of surgical procedure or cosmetic technique, there are risks involved with the laser facial. It is important to understand these risks before making a final decision about having this procedure performed.

Note that working with an expert cosmetic surgeon will minimize your risks significantly.

Common risks include skin infection, scarring or loss of pigmentation in the skin. These risks are rare, but it is possible for them to occur. In addition, many patients will find that their faces appear red immediately after the procedure. This side effect is temporary.

How Long is the Laser Facial Recovery?

Patients must take the time to rest and relax immediately following this procedure in order to achieve the best results. It is essential to stay out of the sun, for UV rays can impact the results.

Keep the face relaxed at all times while the skin cells are regenerating. Patients should take the time to moisturize their faces each day and wash their faces gently. Patients should also use a mild baby shampoo when washing their hair, as this shampoo will not irritate the skin on their faces.

The laser facial has the power to make someone appear young and beautiful again, in just a few short hours. In addition to masking some of the signs and symptoms of aging, as well as other marks on the face, the laser facial promotes the regeneration of new, healthy, and vibrant skin.

Qualified candidates for this procedure should be in optimum physical health and should have clearance from their primary physician. Those who are interested in this procedure and are considering having it performed should set up a cosmetic consultation appointment with a qualified facial plastic surgeon who has experience with this type of facial rejuvenation technique.



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