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Korean Ethnic Rhinoplasty

in Newport BeachAs the popularity of cosmetic surgery begins to rise in South Korea, people of Korean descent in the United States continue to look into their own ethnic rhinoplasty options. Rhinoplasty surgery is the most popular procedure in South Korea, and this means that more Korean patients in Orange County are showing interest in having a nose job performed. However, Dr. Kevin Sadati notes that it is important that patients with Asian features see an ethnic nose job specialist. Not every surgeon is capable of performing the ethnic rhinoplasty while still preserving the beautiful, natural ethnic features of the patient and taking into consideration specific factors related to their culture, heritage and genetic background.

Facts about the Korean Rhinoplasty

Asian patients, especially those from Korea, are looking to define their nasal features without ending up with a Caucasian nose after the procedure. Instead of opting for a new nose with a wide bridge, many Korean patients are interested in a smaller, more refined bridge. This will improve the harmony of the face as it works better with the other natural ethnic features. Only an expert in the ethnic rhinoplasty procedure can accomplish this goal. Inexperienced surgeons may not be aware of the physiological differences in other cultures and may inadvertently diminish the person’s ethnic appearance.

Cosmetic surgeons who are working with Korean patients must understand that the cartilage is more likely to be fragile, despite the fact that many Korean patients have thick nasal skin. Given this fact, most Korean patients are simply looking to augment the tip of their nose. Naturally, their nasal bridge is small, and they simply want their nasal tip to be more refined in order to improve their appearance.

Surgeons must be cognizant when performing a non-surgical rhinoplasty on a Korean patient because the dermal fillers can inadvertently raise the tissues on the bridge of the nose. It is important that any cosmetic surgeon working with a Korean patient understands this anatomical difference, in order to provide the patient with the best results. The surgeon should also be aware of the size of the nasal tip. Sometimes, a non-surgical rhinoplasty that works on the bridge of the nose can diminish the appearance of the nasal tip in Korean patients. Many patients opt to have their tip worked on as well, so it does not appear to be too short after the procedure.

As with any culture and ethnicity, cosmetic surgeons must take the time to study the Korean body and facial features. This will allow them to make informed decisions in the operating room and ultimately provide the patient with an improved nose that is congruous with their other ethnic facial features. For Dr. Sadati, the goal of any ethnic rhinoplasty is to provide the patient with a new nose that complements their other natural facial features. He wants Newport Beach patients of all cultures and backgrounds to feel proud of their heritage and to be given the opportunity to improve their looks without denying their history.



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