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Knowing the Risks of Breast Implants

The breast augmentation is one of the most desired cosmetic surgery procedures for women in Orange County. The goal of this operation is to improve the shape, size and proportion of the breasts. It allows a woman to enjoy a full and lush figure, while also boosting her confidence and self esteem at the same time.

Some women in Newport Beach decide to have this surgery done early in life in order to enjoy their new figure for the longest amount of time, while others find it to be the perfect solution to their body image issues after pregnancy and childbirth. While the breast implant surgery is a safe choice for women who want to make this change, there are some risks and side effects associated with this operation.

What are the Risks and Side Effects of Breast Implants?

Women who opt to have silicone breast implants used during their surgery are at risk for a rupture later on in life. Previously, silicone breast implants were thought to be unsafe but an increase in standards and a redevelopment of the product have made them safe to use during this cosmetic surgery once again. However, silicone implants can rupture. If they do, the surgeon will have to repeat the surgery in order to replace or remove the implants.

Breast implants may leak after the operation is complete, which can cause pain or change the appearance of the breasts. Regardless of the material that the implant is made of, leaking can be a risk. When an implant leaks, it is often painful for the patient.

Leaking also can distort the appearance or shape of the breasts, or reduce the size that was achieved during the original cosmetic surgery procedure. A leaking implant can be replaced, or the implants can be removed altogether if that is what the patient desires.

A lump may form in the breast from the implant. A hard, firm lump may form in the area surrounding the implant. This can change the way that the breast looks from the exterior, and some patients report that these lumps are painful. It is important to note that these lumps are not cancerous.

A woman who has had the breast augmentation procedure performed and who has discovered a lump should have further testing done in order to determine if the lump is a result of the surgery or if it is a sign of a larger medical issue.

While there are several risks associated with this particular operation, patients should understand that working with an expert cosmetic surgeon lowers their risks significantly. A qualified surgeon is not only educated but also has the professional experience necessary in order to perform the procedure.

Patients should choose to work with a surgeon who has performed the breast augmentation procedure many different times on a diverse group of patients. The goal is to work with a surgeon who is committed to providing you with individual, natural-looking results after your breast augmentation procedure.



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