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Knowing the Neck Lift Procedure

The neck lift procedure is a powerful cosmetic surgery option. Not only does this surgical procedure provide well-rounded results after a facelift, but it also allows a person to look both younger and thinner at the same time. Dr. Kevin Sadati is an expert facial plastic surgeon who has been performing the neck lift for the last 10 years in Orange County. Patients from Newport Beach and the surrounding area love the fact that he completes this operation while taking individual factors and genetic influences into account.

The Neck Lift Procedure

The necklift procedure is considered one cosmetic surgery, but it is actually a combination of two different procedures. The first procedure performed during this operation is the cervicoplasty. During the cervicoplasty, excess skin is removed from the neck, which eliminates the appearance of the “turkey neck.” After the cervicoplasty is complete, the surgeon will then complete a platysmaplasty. This procedure tightens and alters the muscles in the neck, in order to complete the surgery and provide the patient with long-lasting results. Dermal fillers also may be used during the necklift, as these products can fill out the neck and provide the patient with the most natural-looking results.

The Purpose of the Neck Lift

Patients choose to have a necklift performed for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, aging can take a significant toll on the appearance of a person’s face and neck. The skin loses elasticity over time, and starts to sag around the cheeks, jowls and neckline. This can give a person the “turkey neck” appearance, and can make them feel self conscious about the way that they look. In addition, excess skin that builds up around the neck can make a person appear to be overweight, even when they are not. These are a few of the common reasons why the necklift is performed.

Neck Lift Results

When the necklift is complete, patients will enjoy the fact that they look slimmer and younger again. The necklift is a great complementary procedure to the traditional facelift, which removes lines, wrinkles and excess skin from the face. Patients who are interested in the results of this procedure can visit the before and after photo galleries on Dr. Kevin Sadati’s website. There they will find previous necklift patients that Dr. Kevin Sadati has worked with, and can visualize what their own results might look like.

While some people opt to have a necklift performed on its own, others choose to have the surgery done in combination with the traditional facelift procedure. This subtle cosmetic surgery can have a big impact on your appearance, and most of your friends and family will have no idea you had surgical work completed. An expert cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Kevin Sadati is able to provide you with additional information about how you can improve your appearance and still achieve natural-looking results. To find out more information about the necklift procedure and other surgical options that are available to you, set up a free cosmetic consultation appointment today.



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