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Importance of Cheekbones

Orange County Facial Surgeon Discusses Importance of Cheekbones

Recognizing that patients have a desire for a youthful appearance, Dr. Kevin Sadati recently released a blog detailing the importance of keeping cheek bones a strong, prominent facial feature. Dr. Sadati is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who is an expert in the facelift procedure. He works with patients from all across Orange County at his Newport Beach practice who want to keep their face looking young and vibrant.

“A person with strong cheek bones may feel that he or she has a free pass when it comes to the aging process,” Dr. Sadati said. “However, after years of research and data analysis, I have found that cheek bones will begin to lose density and in turn, expedite the aging process. As cheek bones deteriorate, the patient will find that their skin begins to sag, and the muscles in their face weaken without the structural support they need.”

Dr. Sadati and his team recommend the following options for patients who want to preserve their cheek bones and minimize their aging symptoms.

Cheek Implants Patients who are interested in permanent, long-lasting results will want to consider having cheek implants put into their face. These implants are placed near the cheek bone, and allow patients to have full, lush cheeks again. Dr. Sadati creates individual cheek implants for all his patients using computer-imaging software, ensuring that all patients get the personalized attention they need in order to have natural-looking results. Most patients will find that there is a two-week recovery process associated with this particular cosmetic surgery.

Non-surgical Facelift The non-surgical facelift is an option for patients who are looking for a quick fix for their deteriorating cheek bones. Dermal fillers are injected into the patient’s face by the plastic surgeon, allowing the surgeon to shape and mold the fact in order to enhance the appearance of the cheek bones. This procedure provides the patient with temporary relief from their aging symptoms. The average patient will find that the results of a non-surgical facelift last for 6-9 months.

Fat Grafting Fat grafting is an innovative technique that was pioneered by Dr. Sadati. During this procedure, fat is removed from an unwanted area on the body such as the thighs and is grafted into the face. Dr. Sadati uses Platelet Rich Plasma to provide long-lasting results for the patient. This natural alternative provides patients with improved appearance on their face while also removing excess fat from an unwanted area.

Patients who are interested in improving their appearance and regaining their youth can consider one of these cosmetic improvement procedures. Dr. Sadati takes the time to get to know each patient on a personal level, ensuring that he provides them with the most natural- looking results.

“My patients are often amazed at the end results that they receive after one of these procedures,”Dr. Sadati said. ” Many people comment that they look just like they did 10 years prior, which is exactly the result we are hoping for after each surgery. We want our patients to look naturally young and beautiful once again, we don’t want to transform them into entirely different people.”

Dr. Sadati is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the country. He has performed more than 3,000 facelift procedures and his work has been published in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. Patients who are interested in working with him can set up a free cosmetic consultation at his Newport Beach practice.



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