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Implants are for the Face, too.

Implants are for the Face, too.Implants for the breasts seem to get all the press, but it is true that they can also do wonder for the face. For those individuals that are looking for a whole new look, this type of facial cosmetic surgery may be right for you. Plastic surgery to alter or enhance the appearance of your face can take many forms; however, the most popular are chin implants, cheek implants, and jaw implants.

Facial implants are uniquely formed and designed specifically to enhance the structure of your face.

The materials used are manufactured to be compatible with subcutaneous insertion and vary in size and shape. The particular type of implant that will be best suited for you requires a thorough discussion of your goals and the features you wish to address. Many patients wish to correct defects in their chin, cheeks, or jaw line. For example, cheek implants increase the cheekbones overall profile to give the face a look of high bone structure. These types of facial implants are designed to add volume to concave or recessed areas of the face.

Many men and women have a disappearing chin one than simply fades into the neck and presents as nearly indistinguishable as a facial feature.  Chin implants augment the size and projection of a disappearing chin.

For those looking to clearly define their jaw lines, jaw implants can add width and definitive lines to your mandible region.

Much like the disappearing chin, a non-existent jaw can be viewed as one that is ill-defined and barely distinct from the neck. These types of jaws feature a gentle slope rather than a well defined angle from the ear to the chin. In many of these cases, both a disappearing chin and weak jaw contribute to facial asymmetries. Chin, jaw, and cheek implants can restore facial symmetry and restore balance to your appearance.

Facial implants can be a tricky procedure and should only be performed by a board-certified physician with expert training in the field. Many of these surgeons can be found in Orange Countys beautiful Newport Beach. Located in Southern California, you could enjoy the wonderful environs of a world-famous coastline while you recover.



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