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How to Repair Torn or Gauged Earlobes?

How to Repair Torn or Gauged Earlobes?Earlobes may be stretched accidentally or purposefully, but regardless of how the stretching happens, sometimes people may want reconstruction. Today the practice of earlobe stretching or earlobe gauging has become a fairly frequent type of body modification. Gauge earrings are used to, slowly, stretch the earlobes well beyond a single traditional small earring hole piercing. Once the earlobe has been stretched to meet a certain gauge, larger gauge earrings will be placed in the ear, to, gradually, make the hole even larger. Some people create holes in the earlobes that can be extremely large ones that can easily be seen through, in the name of body modification. The original earlobe piercing will always be with a needle, but in the case of gauging, also sometimes called stretching, the original needle piercing will be only a starting point for the person with the ear piercing.

Sometimes, people who have a single traditional ear piercing in each earlobe may find out that they have unintentionally stretched out their earlobes over the years. Heavy earrings do put a lot of weight on the delicate earlobe area, especially in cases where the ears are pierced fairly close to the bottom of the ear. It is not at all uncommon to find new patients here in Dr. Kevin Sadati’s office who did not intentionally stretch their ears, but who simply made some bad choices in continually heavy earrings over the years. In some cases, these heavy earrings may have even caused a torn earlobe, instead of just over-stretching.

The reasons that people come  to Dr. Kevin Sadati for earlobe repair can vary just as much as the individual patients. In some cases, our clients are members of the military. In recent times, the United States military has required that individuals who desire to enter recruitment have their large earlobe holes closed prior to entering the armed forces. In other cases, it may simply be a personal choice: Someone who was very much interested in earlobe gauging when they were a young person, but  now  is entering the  business world and needs to have a completely different type of look — one that does not include stretched earlobes.

Still other people may have had an earlobe tear that occurred accidentally, and want to have it repaired so that they can wear earrings again normally. Whether the repair is desired due to military requirements, personal needs, or a traumatic tear, earlobe repair can be performed successfully here in our offices.

The process of earlobe repair is performed very often here in the Newport Beach office of Dr. Kevin Sadati. The type of repair that you need depends entirely upon the degree of the stretching or the tearing. Your earlobe may have only a small partial tear, it may have a total tear all the way to the bottom of the ear, or you may have gauged earlobes that need to be closed up.

No matter which type of repair is needed, this area of earlobe repair is one of Dr. Sadati’s specialties, so we urge you to contact us today with any questions you may have!



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